Bob's Life - Episode 1 (Full)

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Bob's Life is a satirical cartoon comedy based on the life of a normal guy named Bob who works as a mid-level manager at a powerful technology company called "Poodle Technologies". As the company introduces new products with the hopes of solving real world problems, the unexpected implications that these new technologies bring with them are quickly revealed. The cartoon deals with a variety of topics related to technology, corporate culture, politics, environment, and more.

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Not bad at all, the writing especially carries it, although I might suggest redoing a could of the models, Bob especially looks uncanny. It would also help with the animation, as it currently is quite stiff, but that kinda works for the style.

engageanimation responds:

Thank you sir, we've been working hard on making improvements on our production workflows and artistic style so hopefully you'll be seeing some better stuff from us in the future!!! Thanks again for taking some time to share some feedback with us :)

Very nice

So this was nice and some good creative characters here love the detail you ad onto these characters the voice work is amazing this is the first of your works im seeing but I have to say thi swas pretty good I think some subtitles would do very well on this one anyways nice job.

I think some subtitles would do very well on this one


engageanimation responds:

Thanks for the suggestion. I think this is something that we'll definitely be looking into for future projects. Thanks for watching and rating our episode!

The story is original but not very interesting.
The humor is cheesy and it doesnt hold your attention for more than a moment.

The dialogue and the lipsync animation is matched pretty well but it moves too fast and it doesnt seem that you have enough mouth shapes to cover certain vowels and constanants.

But the animation on everything else looks very stiff.
An example of that would be in the beginning when the characters are talking.
theres no movement at all while their mouth is moving its just fast lipsync pasted on to a still character model.

Usually with good character animation the head would move a bit to the left or right or shrink and expand in order to show expression, to show them breathing.
Or the eyes and mouth would move slightly up, down, left, right, or diagnol on the face in order to show the direction that the characters are looking
In other words, It makes them seem more realistic and relatable and to show their living and breathing characters.
you seemed to have corrected that a bit in the last two or three scenes when the characters are talking in the board room.

Other than that,
I can tell you put a lot of effort in to this and it definitely shows.
But I strongly recommend that you animate your characters more and work on your story.
This has good potential:)

engageanimation responds:

Thanks for writing, always like to hear feedback from our audiences! I think you're spot on with your observations, we've been working on improving these items in our latest projects so hopefully we will see improvement :) Cheers!

Voice acting, animation, artwork...all of it was the most fake, uninspired crap I have ever seen.
The jokes fell flat, animation's cardboard. Art's too shiny & unrealistic. None of the characters felt believable. Overall it feels like an extremely cookie-cutter web toon. Which is not good.

I don't even know where to start on suggestions. Except look at more stuff that people actually enjoy, cause this ain't it. I'm sorry man, but I just don't see how this is supposed to be passable.

engageanimation responds:

Man, you need so many hugs.. Please accept this virtual consensual hug.. *hug*

awesome. haha. I like the original characters and the animation.

Office space humor is always funny to me.

engageanimation responds:

Yup, agreed office humor is great, especially when you can relate to it from personal experience!! So much madness in corporate world :)

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Dec 7, 2018
5:32 PM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Daily 4th Place December 9, 2018