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Gamepad controls: Left Thumbstick to move, A to Jump, Y to respawn.

The short story of a red box trying to reach the end of levels, with each following level inverting the previous. My first ever completed game, so it's a little rough. I do intend to revisit this game someday with a sequel including more mechanics and more levels.

Original description:
"Constantly switching from this world to another, more brutal, inverted copy."

Originally developed in 2014 for the Ludem Dare 30 Game Jam

v0.1 - 12/5/18 8:10 PM CST: Wall sticking is as fixed as it can currently be, not perfect but better.
v0.2 - 12/7/18 1:37 PM: Gamepad support added, player physics tweaked to reduce slipperiness.
v0.3 - 12/9/18 11:19 PM: Lightened up black colors to improve visibility. Movement and jumping rewrite is done, might be a little clunky to start.
v0.4 - 12/17/18 1:34 PM: Tightened up platforming a bit, hopefully no more sliding off edges or running jumps off ledges not working.

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The level design is pretty good, and every other level being a backwards version of the previous one is a great concept. However, the game has a problem with clipping, mostly into walls, giving a feeling of the red block being stuck but also sometimes slightly through the floor. 5 level was a bit of an aprupt spike on the difficulty curve. A bit sad that the game isn't longer, but still an enjoyable experience.

Cool camera angle.

Very interesting concept and execution, in my opinion. the only real issue that i've had is that the controls feel a bit too slippery, but that was probably done on purpose.

That2D responds:

Thank you for playing, the slipperiness is definitely going away in a future release.


simplistic but fun in a way.

Credits & Info

3.01 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2018
5:50 PM EST
  • Unity