Lucifer Summon

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Crimson Moon#1 Will be up next weak.
I am submitting this movie to see how it would do in the portal and I will not resubmit this movie if it is blammed, if you see it again it's stolen!! The song is from Macross Plus and the artist is Yoko Kanno and the song is Information Highway. Thank you oh and this is a shot movie as well.
Jason "Danthi" Whalley
Well looks like my movie snuck throught the portal. I was suprised that it didn't get blammed!! Oh well. And it seemed to of taken my batting avrage down for C+ or C to a C- oh well i hope Crimsion Moon will fill that void.

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its ok!

i think the storyline has great potential.. also the graphics are not that bad, the effects... ok alittle crap! one suggestion.. if ur trying to summon the devil or whatever.. use a darker scene, a more scary song too and NOT a white aura around the guy summonig.. plz ^^ beside it. its was ok!
i liked!


Danthi responds:

Thanks for you suggestions.
When I created this as you and everyone has seen, I put little thought into this.
I would make sense to make it darker looking, as for the storyline, there really is none. It was a animation I did for an RPG I was working on, of which I am no longer working on.
Thanks for your review Black-Duke.
Jason "Danthi" Whalley

not bad

nothing really wrong with it considering it was your first submisson. I think your other flash a boys imagination is better graphic wise but your crimson moon series has a potental story line. Nice work so far and keep it up.

Danthi responds:

Thanks :)

Jason "Danthi" Whalley


wow this sucks bad, but the last person who did a review, i think he tried to sniff a paint can...

Danthi responds:

Yep it really sucks. It's also one of my first flashes.

Jason "Danthi" Whalley

That was...interesting

I found it interesting that someone would actually be foolish enough to summon the dark lord...


Hope you studied enough...although I don't see any ritual items anywhere...not even a fucking bell...

But you know what..it looked good, I'll give you that much. Decent Job



Danthi responds:

Ok this isn't a "Guide to call fourth the lord of Darkness" it's just a little animation that I for a RPG that I was making and no I didn't do any research on it.

You are one of my fav authors

I know that you are having trouble with graphics and all, but the idea of using an anime-type syle is pretty cool... I am liking the series and i am glad you are responding to my comments... If you want to contact me, my e-mail is:


I have seen all of your work and you have some fantastic ideas up in that head of yours. I watch Macross Plus too but i've only seen it with subtitles and i've also only seen about 7 ep's. Oh well, you have been getting amazing reviews and im glad that your stuff has made ir thru the portal. I am a high voter when it comes to your stuff, keep up the good work!

Danthi responds:

Hey RedSkeye I was wondering when you where going to review this movie lol.
Well this is pretty old stuff here; my graphics has greatly improved, thanks to a Graphics tablet. Check out my Crimson Moon Home page (the link should be in my profile and if you haven't already) to see what Crimson Moon's Graphics are going to be like. I am glad that I am getting such awesome reviews on all my movies it helps keep the old confidents up lol ;) It's reviewers like you that keep my working hard on my projects, when I sort of lose my way while animating I come to NG and read my reviews and they pick up my spirits. I also love responding to reviews. The only Macross Plus I have seen are the Four OVA's that have aired on Teletoon (Canada's answer to the Cartoon Network) the animation always blows me away when ever I see it. Thanks for the Review RedSkeye, well Time to work on Crimson Moon again.

Jason "Danthi" Whalley.

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3.29 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2002
5:22 PM EST