Luna's Determination

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On a restless night, Luna will have to lift a weight far greater than the one of the moon.

After months of production, my fan animation based on the song of the same name is finally here. I hope you enjoy it, it helped me learn a lot thru the production.

Please note, I am referred to as Minty Root in the credits, the discrepancy between my Newgrounds name and the rest is to be fixed in the future.

Music: MLP:FiM Luna's Determination by MelodicPony

Credits: MLP:FiM The Return of Harmony Orchestral Suite by MelodicPony

Be sure to also take a look at the rest of Melodic Pony's music, as well as the Melodic Memorial project and the Seapony Orchestra.

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while i'm normally glad to see some coverage over these things, i do find myself flabbergasted over the crudeness of the final result. naturally, the quality of the art itself is impressive, but since it features heavily on leaked elements of the show itself, that's to be expected. although, i do know that there are plenty of characters such as a younger Luna and Celestia, not to mention other ponies, that aren't actually in the show in such form (or from certain angles) and obviously you did go to some good deal of work to put on a show that would appear appropriate and believable. that's not to mention some of the excellent 3D art featured in the video is quite beautiful.

on the other hand, the framerate is so hideous and chuggy as to make the video entirely unacceptable, nearly unwatchable. on top of which, not only are there plenty of points at which the frame-to-frame sequence short enough to honestly break a pony's neck if it were realistic in "any manner", but then there are points like 1:55 where a character is apparently dragged across the screen by some unseen force before he is forcibly twirled offscreen.

that's not to mention that there are elements of the Journal of the Two Sisters that defy canon anyway. they're few, but they're there, mostly due to the current build of the cartoon. i also fail to recall at any point when Starswirl was young at all: he was brown-bearded until the graying incident, but that's all, iirc. so you're taking a fair bit of creative liberty with the franchise to present Luna's Determination in memoriam.

and yet, through the whole video, i want soooo much to love it, but it's physically impossible. in fact, every second more i watch it just kill more of the possibility and i just wanna die on the inside. it doesn't befit the princess of the night. it doesn't befit Melodic Pony either, though i hadn't heard this particular work till today, especially if it's best to scroll away while i listen. essentially the star is for the effort, because that's almost all it appears to be. i can't really personally understand all the labour since i can't do the art, and i'm horrible at video editing myself, but honestly, i don't think i would feel right posting something as unfinished or unpolished as this. it just hurts people.

Strange mix of smoothness and jerkiness in animation. The latter most noticeable with mouth movements and the walking at 1:54.
Not sure what the story is here.

Jesus fucking lord. Outstanding visuals...though not much really happened. Plus, the subject being MLP I don't think it will appeal to a heckuva lot of people. That woulda kept me from even giving it a chance, but I happened to see the sheer visual quality & it's excellent.
I hope you will put it to better use in the future. Something original, I mean.

Wow nice

Wow this was some really nice "VISUALS" I love the special "EFFECS" aswell, you have done some nice work here the "PONIES' look good and this was well animated so really nice work here, I hope you keep up the good work and hope to see more of this it was a good film and glad I had a chance to check it out.

No changes just make more sometime.


A bit static in places, but otherwise it's pretty well made.

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Dec 3, 2018
11:13 PM EST
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