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Author Comments

INTO THE ABYSS - an exploration-focused retro-styled dark platformer game in METROIDVANIA genre. The game is expected to follow the Metroidvania-style gameplay of the post-Metroid and Castlevania game series. The objective of the player is to guide main protagonist and player character Rose through a mistery dungeon to find answers for the nature of her nightmares.

Left and Right arrow keys - left and right movement
Key UP - interraction key (quick interraction with chests, triggers, save statues)
Key Z - Jump
Key X - Shoot (available after you find a weapon)
Key M - use to open or close map (available after you find a map)
Key R - Restart (quick restart button from last save point while death)
Key SPACE - fast-forward text dialogs

The game might work unstable on IE browsers. Recommended to use Google Chrome browser.

You may purchase mobile ANDROID version in order to support developer. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamesbynoe.intotheabyss

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would love to know where the fucking secrets are!

The ambience is nice, and I like the concept of a seemingly lovecraftian metroidvania. I also like how some rooms are hidden and get added to the map over time. That being said, the walking sound effect is terrible. It's way too loud and monotonous.

I'm getting tired of the formula of their metroidvanias
good game with reused sprites and the same gameplay as access code: heaven
if you like Gothic horror instead of sci-fi play it

An amazing gaming experience, with some tiny touches of classic horror into it. It felt like *THAT* kind of literacy since the beginning ;)

It's a little glitchy; if you stand at the corner of a floor, the character acts like it was "bouncing" there and cannot jump from that spot; you have to walk away from there and then jump again, from more distance from the corner. Another glitch occurs when you stand too close against a wall and you want to jump it over; the jump is interrupted by the feeling of an invisible ceiling.

I loved the plot twist at the ending. I felt a little empty without a badass Final Boss behind the grand door, but adding a room like that one truly made it feel much more "Metroid-ish".
The soundtrack and graphics were lovely as well.

I really would appreciate a sequel, with a bigger world, more power-ups (namely, weapons and character skills) and maybe even unlockable characters! Your work was fantastic here.

BUG ALERT: If you die more than three times after defeating the first boss, once "the world changes" beyond the last save room, the "change" would be gone forever and then the game bugs itself; it stays unchanged and you can't continue the quest.

The content is really good, but the jumping needs just a liiiiiiitttle bit more polish. Google Coyote Time and integrate it into whatever platforming engine you've got under the hood here. (You'd think with all the money people spend on the Asset Store, they'd include basic features that games have had since the 80s.)

I also noticed some other minor glitches... jumping while going through a door results in strange behavior during the fade-to-black, and sometimes when I'd drop into a shallow pit and try to jump back out again, I'd either hit my head on a nonexistent ceiling at floor-level and fall back down, or else I'd sort of clip into the corner so I'm standing slightly beneath the ground. (Can't walk, but can jump out of it.)

Frankly, the lack of Coyote Time is the biggest problem. If I die ONE TIME and it feels like it's the game's fault, that makes me want to go play something else. That's why developers invented Coyote Time and other "corrective" mechanics in the first place.

Fortunately, Coyote Time is easy to implement. Just look it up. I believe in you! Make this a great game that even Miyamoto would be proud of!

Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2018
7:22 AM EST