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Ai System

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Best played with headphones and game set in full screen.

A short game that resembles an abstract film. Enter a place where love and pain exists. Run for your love while you risk your life. This game is based on how life handles us with a relationship of another.

Made for Ludum Dare 43, with the theme of “Sacrifices must be made”.

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Surreal and interesting


So this was notbad at all some really nice effects on thi s game here, The music was awsome and the visuals were even better, so with this one no changes needed it was fine as is, Find something you are passionate about and can have fun doing, then let the world enjoy. And I believe you have done just that right here. You are Confident about your work and that shows with great Highlights and such, And for the mostpart you have done a Tastefully job on this as a whole, and that also shows, so nice job on this one.

so with this one no changes needed it was fine as is


the style of the puzzles aren't my kind of thing, if the player could control the invulnerability state more i feel it'd be more fun. Maybe make it so you stay invulnerable until you jump.

After playing this game I have contradictory feeling
This game based on original idea. Player should not only avoid losing hp, but also plan actions. Graphics and sound makes atmosphere of game
After I end playing this game I understood negative message of this game

Heart is symbol of love and life.
Protagonist(boy) should lost all hearts on last level when girl have 0 hearts.
It symbolise suicide (if heart=life) or breaking up (heart=love) rather than being together in love.
Moreover, then protagonist loses of hearts he disappers as well as when he reach girl having same number of hearts as she.
Then I gave average to this game 2.5/5
Some words about reality, not related to mechanics of game
If there is issue with having more hp than my gf, I would rather transfer some energy to her,
From my point of view, main reason why love horts is melting armor making one much more vulnerable emotionally. It needs great effort to repair those vulnerabilities rather than covering them with armor.

ToadieTechnika responds:

"the idea of suicide for love and/or breaking up wasn't really a concrete thought or even a concept for the game. however, that's also an apt interpretation of what the message was. along with the game's main creator, toadietechnika, i think the message is that love is often a strong thing and that a young man MIGHT do anything and everything just to make a girl fall in love with him. and that could lead him to doing [for lack of a better term] stupid things that could endanger him." -EnzoOfTheNorth (concept brainstormer)