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Best played with headphones and game set in full screen.

A short game that resembles an abstract film. Enter a place where love and pain exists. Run for your love while you risk your life. This game is based on how life handles us with a relationship of another.

Made for Ludum Dare 43, with the theme of “Sacrifices must be made”.

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Really nice, I enjoyed it.

The glitchy aesthetic looks cool, while not groundbreaking in this day and age, and I quite enjoy the eerie electronic music that goes with it all.

This game presents a clever gameplay concept, in which we need to take an exact amount of damage to reach the goal, and sometimes we need to get clever and damage boost to reach the object that will harm us just the right amount. That's a cool twist to puzzle platforming I had never seen before, and it works. It becomes even better once we realize the game's core mechanic is an instance of meaning through mechanics, as if we're infatuated to the point where we're willing to hurt ourselves to conform to what they want from us.

The level design is not perfect, with certain jumps that are damn near impossible to make, some ledges that seem to have been placed specifically to make you bonk your head and fall on a trap, and some movements that have to be perfectly timed in order to succeed. Not enough to ruin the game, but it adds a lot of unnecessary frustration to it.

Either way, really nice little piece, a nice little experience for Ludum Dare 43. As a final note, I'd like to mention that the "boss" at the end was particularly fascinating, and a nice change of pace.

Oh, another final note: you didn't have to tell us what the game is about in the description, we could figure it out by ourselves.

ToadieTechnika responds:

Finally, a wonderful comment, and I am glad you made it until the end. I will take note of every words you said because it's really helpful for me to improve especially on making more games that requires critical thinking with level design (especially on game jams that really occur crunch time). Thank you so much :D

It's unearthly satisfying when you figure out some of these levels. Frustrating as hell but its good stuff

I love abstract games and the heart limit mechanic is genuinely intriguing! I like the music!

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3.17 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2018
9:45 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle