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Penguins Don't Fly

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Song: Locust Toybox - From The Rain Captain

This was originally a commission for a musician who wanted me to make a music video for him back in 2015, he liked what I did so far. but he didn't like the idea of a penguin as a main character, he wanted a small boy. I told him I'm not changing that, so he cancelled our deal and I stopped working on it ever since.

One day I scrolled through my flash files and I found this so I figured, "meh... let's just finish this"

So I changed the music and kept working.

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This was really sweet, I haven't seen a nice movie like this in a while.

WINprince responds:

OMG Thank you PhantomArcade! I frigging love your animations my dude!

And hey, if you are hosting another collab contact me eh? 😘

lol. i see somebody's been playing Learn 2 Fly too much, eh? or maybe i should blame the penguin. really cute animation though. not exactly smooth but not exactly jerky either, really: can't find the right word for it (my bad). a bit cheesy, and ftr, a biplane is cheating. xD

i feel bad for the poor guy though, and i'm not sure i like the give-up-and-snow-ball-fight ending. just doesn't feel right. also, looked more like a butt-slide across/through the snow at 1:15. a bit odd. made me laugh, it was funny, but didn't seem right either.

worth the few minutes i spent watching and typing though. thanks.

WINprince responds:

Thnak you for the comment friend! And people keep saying this reminding them Learn 2 fly and I still have no idea what they are reffering to lol

A nice story.
Designs are ok.
Good Animation

Good Ambience. Good Story.

Nice animation and good job on the expressiveness of the characters. Interesting musical choice, it definitely flows well with the animation and does a good job carrying the modd of the whole thing.