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Sorrowful Seed

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Sorrowful Seed, a commissioned music video with Boston based band, DENT.

It's a film of a melancholy poem from a young mom to her aborted child. The physical sharp intensity brought this music video a sense of violence out of love.

[Flashing Lights warning]

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Yoko Ono guest appearance at 3:35 to 3:40.


Very decent visuals, a lot of work went into this so great job for that. However, you really should add a disclaimer about the strobing lights to warn people with epilepsy - I'm not even epileptic, but it really started to hurt my eyes.

The animation is perfect For this song, which ROCKS btw
loved that powerful scream/breakdown in the middle of the song too

Very difficult to watch all of it, in one sense, since the music is not at all to my taste and I can't say I actually LIKE the movie all that much, but I take Judgement and Reviewing seriously and I always watch the whole thing once I start it, as I would hope someone did my work.
The movie obviously has talent- it has a story, of a sort and some kind of message. The animation follows the song well, I suppose and it is certainly Sorrowful and melancholy, as described. I feel it captures the essence of the song well.

Please put a Flashing Lights warning in the Author Comments, just in case- the sequence is short and probably harmless, but you are also setting an example for others to do so :)

A clearer credit to the song, with a link, would be good-

Qieer responds:

thank you for pointing the flashing light warning out, i just updated the author comments.

Credits & Info

3.20 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2018
2:46 PM EST
Music Video

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