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Tough lord of Arthropoda (Animatic)

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Samsa, lord of Arthropoda wasn't ure about hiring Makko, the witch of the plush as a doctor, but she can open and sew plushes so-- its allright?

However, her presence can't ruin the tough lifestyle of a villain -- ... right?


I made this Animatic as personal practice, really wanted to come with something using my SFW characters.

Original Audio from Max G. Braindump, Episode "MOANA IS TERRIBLE AND HERE'S WHY"

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This was really good.
I like seeing animatics, roughs, etc.
Good voice acting.

Tasteofchoklit responds:

Thanks a lot, Im glad you liked!
The dialogue's aren't mine tho, They are from Max G's webseries "Braindump" but I needed to do this since the dialogue fit so much with my characters!


So this was a nice black and white theme here it was actually funny you have some good animation here, A good work of art aswell so nice work indeed, you should ad some color though even if its just a little bit of color this was all some great stuff here.

Some small bits of color would be nice.


Tasteofchoklit responds:

Thank you! Yeah, I would like to dedicate more to my SFW goodies, and Coloring is actually a very good idea! :)

Wonder if the animatic bit's part of the voice too...? Cause the female one hmm... bit dubious about that one! I like where this is going otherwise.


I bet samsa Will one day get intimate with makko...

Nice job =) I think it will be great cartoon =)