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Jolly Roger Captain Escape

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Ahoy, pirate! Dare to enter Pirate Escape and test your puzzle solving skills? Escape through each room with pirate theme using items and codes to get key so you can open door for next stage !

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@gelbold if you end up reading this please hear me out until the end you probably might not like what I have to say at first but I believe that it is in your best interest as a game creator to hear me out as a player of your game and it is in my best interest as a game player to be honest about my experience with the content after playing one's game.

I mean, I have to give the game some credit, lets be real here. We've all had our fair share of escape games.
Sometimes when we play one we either expect the game to have a simple mindset of escaping or a really complex mindset where there's more steps involved. It depends on the setting of the game.
But for this game, not a lot of the escape methods made sense.

Some of the escape tools didn't fit into the environment of where they were brought to use in and the others were too over complicated given how little of a task they were needed for.

And there was a hint of confusion as to why our main character in the game is escaping from one locked room only to exit into another locked room where they find a pirate captain (who'd I assumed was my MC in the beginning) and proceed to help him escape by using the key that was hidden in his necklace to then open the second locked door.

I'd thought that this was going to be a simple pirate escape game where I played the role as a pirate captain who got captured or something and then had to acquire a set of makeshift tools to get out of my prison. But it turns out that I'm just some nameless nobody trying to escape a ship only to find out that I have also have to help the "Captain" of said ship escape as well by using the key that he had on him.

My first question to the creator of this game is as, why was there no story?
- The into that was told in the beginning is the same thing that you've said in the Authors Comments. It didn't mention anything about who we were? Or what the situation was?
Leaving me as a player really confused when I had to find out going into the second locked room only to find another person tied up.

My second question to the creator is are we escaping from our "Own Ship!!!"?
- I would've understood if it was an enemy pirate ship or better yet a naval ship because pirates were considered criminals and therefor we got arrested or something, but it had to be our ship because we have a key that unlocks the 2nd door, stashed away in a place as personal as the pirate captains necklace. It just doesn't make sense.

If had to summarized this game, I say overall its not that bad of a game it has the characteristics that qualifies it as an escape game but in the end it just lacks detail, and I'm not talking about detail in the art perspective, I mean it in the concept of what they game was trying to go for as a pirate themed escape adventure. If anything I just want to know the author was hoping to achieve by making a game like this.

Eh, it decent, but it also sort of embodies most of what's wrong with your typical escape game: puzzles that don't make a ton of overall sense (eg, collecting a bunch of gems to open a door?), poor feedback on what you can interact with and how (after you make the magnet-on-a-stick, you have to click on it to get it into your inventory in spite of the fact that both objects came FROM the inventory), dodgy interface (I found the system really touchy about where the skull's eyes go), and nonsensical hiding places (yes, let's assume a gem is inside a random bottle of liquid that looks identical to THREE OTHERS).
So it was amusing, but mostly it was annoying.

gelbold responds:

Thanks for your feedback

nice yob

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Nov 27, 2018
11:09 PM EST