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Tritoria - Episode 1 Part 1/2 - No Gods no Glory

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Before you watch, let me tell you something important:
This animation is a bit older, I have improved over the last two years. I only wanted to present my series on YouTube first, but the YouTube algorithm is getting on my nerves. Also, I'm not a native English speaker, so expect some mistakes in my scripts. My prove readers can do mistakes too.


I'm still looking for voice actors though.
I'm having trouble finding which ones I can trust to be available for a longer period of time. This position is paid of course!

Gear and software I used:

Drawn and animated with Saphira Gaming Mouse in Adobe Flash CS5.5.
Sound and VFX editing in Vegas Movie Studio 13
Sound effects recorded with ZOOM H4n
Background music made with FL Studio 12
Voice recorded with T-Bone SC-450 with the mixer MultiMix8 from ALESIS


Animation by


Music by

Ocelot VA (Intro)
Arman Uderzo (Outro)
Nappi (Female singing voice)

Voices by

Ocelot VA - https://www.youtube.com/user/Ocelot0070
Lucky Lucie - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUrur2doPXXL1kFhMVYgIDA
NoCrapTV - https://www.twitch.tv/nocraptv
Masytrix - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3tIvQIhyAfGze5z_QmYREA
LiinaLuu - https://www.youtube.com/c/LiinaLuu

Intro speech VFX was made by Calvin Serrano.
Thanks to TheBigFatMonkey, LuWickios97 and SassyAngel for helping me with the translations!

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Honestly, I began watching out of sheer boredom. Now? I immediately fell in love with the story so far, and the world seems like the best kind of crazy! Gonna watch the rest, but dude see if you cant pitch the series to an actual animation studio. The art is great for what you did with it, but is dated (not that that detracts from it) and could genuinely benefit from having a professional studio or even just one animator on hand. But other than that, everything ticks my preference boxes and as I said, I fell in love with this crazy world! Keep up the good work!

to be an old animation it does not look so bad, you can still improve more like the movement of the characters or some techniques in animation or perspectives to consider for the different shots of the moments (like a movie, to give you an idea), now I will see the rest of the episodes you have here.
My English is not perfect (spoken / heard), but for now I understand it without any problem. Good work!

Skashi95 responds:

You will see a change, and even more change when I'm done with the current episode. One day, I will be a one man studio!

^_^this is rather amazing rely good keep up the good work hope to see more of it and keep up with the series at some point

anyone else hear the big bang show

Love the intro song, while this is old and slightly rusty, even back then this still looks amazing, or rather even now. I'm confused why Shira was running in such a hurry....seemed kinda random. There's not 'too' much exposition at the start, but improvement in pacing b/w dialogue and action as well as 'silent' scenes will do wonders.

There seems to be a toooon of ideas thrown into this story, I think it just needs improvement in pacing really, voice acting (and directing). Overall I give it a C+, I'm happy to see so much thought was put into this work.

Also for the name Kajitsu, its not Ka-JEET-tsu, its KAH-jih-tsu, always emphasize the first syllable, never the 2nd syllable (go soft on 2nd syllable either way) in japanese names, doing otherwise will guarantee you mispronouncing a jp word or name, westerners or eng speakers tend to have a bad habit of putting emphasis on 2nd syllable like they're speaking italian or spanish.

Edit: Yup! I'll be watching and reviewing all the other episodes. =w=b

Skashi95 responds:

I'd like your opinion about my latest episode. I've improved a bit with each video.