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Leave behind everyday life, and enter a relaxing, all-inclusive golf experience with randomly-generated levels. Welcome to PicoPutt.

Arrow Keys: Select angle.
Z: Begin shot. Press Z again to shoot.

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It reminds me of golf


so this was a fun yet different game, this is one of those games where you could ad some medals too the controls and mechanics of the game were a tad confusing but it was still a fun game here, you have some nice oldschool graphics but again it was fun.

some added medals would be nice


platformalist responds:

HI XwaynecoltX!

I've been considering adding medals to one of my next games - it's a concept I've never been too familiar with, since I didn't grow up with any sites that implemented medals, and have never gotten too deep into achievements online or on consoles. But it could be a fun challenge to implement! Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback. :)

Very fun little game, you should make it for the phone, good job!

platformalist responds:

Thanks koolSpoon123! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Genuinely fun, I really like the idea of randomly generated levels but I feel like the execution is a little wanting. If you make a sequel maybe they should be "semi-random"

With the name I was thinking this would have something to do with NG's official mascot! Such a misleading choice with their engine, but anyway: really good game, mascot or no. Controls are easy to get used too, visuals are smooth, levels are varied. A few ones in and it seems like a pretty addicting game.

Some kind of local multiplayer version might be nice though, or other incentive for you to compete for higher rankings (highscore table? Medals?). For what it's worth might be the best basic mini golf game I've played here so far. Not bad.


platformalist responds:

Hi Cyberdevil!

I didn't realize that Newgrounds had an official mascot! I called it PicoPutt because I made it in PICO-8, but I totally understand the confusion.

I usually include high scores in my games, but since all the levels are randomly generated, it seemed like an oddly complex challenge to tackle for such a simple game. Local multiplayer is a good idea, and not too difficult to implement with the mechanics involved. Could be fun to implement collision between two players, too. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it!

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3.12 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2018
6:34 PM EST
  • PICO-8