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Cast'N'Blast: Magical Castle

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Solita needs your help! She has accidentally unleashed a mass of monsters into her home, the Magical Castle, and they're draining it of its magic power! Without its magic, the castle will collapse!

Dash from one room to the next, blasting whatever's in your way with Solita's three magic spells. Some monsters can only be defeated through specific means, and it will do you well to learn them. But be quick! They're ready to make Solita meet her maker as soon as they can.

For extra assistance, make use of the Popu generators and gems scattered in the rooms, as they will be essential to your success. They react differently to Solita's spells, and will prove to be a boon to your quest. If you can master these features, nothing can stop you!

With quick reflexes, sharp thinking, and a swift kick, you will win the game and peace will return to Solita's home once again.

An action packed arcade style game that tests your skills from one room to the next!

- BLAST your way through 30 treacherous levels.
- DODGE the monsters and learn their tricky behaviors.
- WATCH for dangerous traps and useful items.
- SAVE your progress with a password feature.

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Pretty cool game with cool mechanics and cool cuteness. Cool.

That's a pretty good game, dood!

very cool game, nice gameplay and graphics. however, how can I kill the flames? and the pruple faces?

Kunedon responds:

The purple faces are not required to be defeated to complete a stage. In fact, in some cases, they may be your only bet against the flames! On top of that, the ice spell is your friend...

cool game

this is a hard game