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FPS Cube Shooter

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Author Comments

I made a game called Cube Shooter a while ago and I thought it would be cool if I made it into a first person shooter. Anyways, here are the results I hope you enjoy it. (/O.o/)

WASD or arrow keys in order to move around

Space bar or left click to shoot.

-Adjusted Speed
-Added Sound Effects
-Changed Music
-Enemies Now Spawn From Cactus
-Added Restart Button While In Game

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A unique first person shooter

Good action type of a game and you dont see much of these types anymore, Well here was A unique first person shooter very nifty visuals and the game was nice with how it responds to the controlls and such you bring a fun first person shooter, it was a good experience and I have enjoyed reviewing this one hope you make more like this one, Because this was a pretty fantastic game and love the first person aspect of it all.


I would have awarded you more points if enemies didn't spawn next to you and behind you. It makes it so the player can't be constantly moving around for fear that an enemy that wasn't in a spot you were looking at before would appear. I found that the best strategy was to stand in the corner, shoot whatever gets close, and then move to another corner if they started closing in on you, but even this only works for so long since, once you play a game session long enough, the screen gets filled with cubes. There are so many cubes that it actually starts causing a few game problems:
- If a cube spawn in an area where another cube already exists, it will stack on top of it (or the old one will stack on top of the new one). Once this happens and they move out from under the cube they were on, they will glide down. It should be noted that it is impossible to shoot them when they are on top of a cube and most of the time while they are gliding. The stacks seem to go up to 3 max.
- I'm not entirely sure how this happens, but I've seen light purple blocks floating up out of the ground at me. My guess is that once the limit of 3 cubes spawning in the same area happens, they start spawning below the map and then work their way up when they have the room.
- The amount of blocks moving and spawning gets so dense that they end up "pushing" themselves toward you instead of just moving, which seems to make them move faster.
Other glitches:
- I somehow managed to push myself off the map by moving into the map's corner. This has happened twice and, since there is no reset button, the player would need to refresh the page to fix this.
- Perhaps this is just a problem with my fps on my computer, but when pressing the fire button, I don't always see the bullet shooting animation.

The reason why I am being so critical of the game is because I did enjoy it and I think an adventure "Cube Shooter" game would be nice, where there is a big level for you to explore and to kill cubes.

My suggestions:
- Alternate controls, such as having the z button being used for firing, the x button for jumping (if the game has jumping). Don't limit controls to just one button.
- Just as you did in this game, list the controls in the description, but make sure ot list all of the controls.
- A pause and reset feature.
- If you do decide to make a "world" out of this game, make sure to include some personality into it. Maybe give enemies different "death sounds" like grunts or screams or something. You can even give them multiple ones, where it randomly plays one out of a short selected list of sounds. If you need voice acting or sound help in that category, you can contact me and I can help you.
- A lot of crummy "3D person shooter" will include one enemy and will just keep spawning that enemy over and over again. You included multiple ones (although they probably weren't too hard to make, it is still important). Maybe include some more diverse cubes, like a cube monster or a cube with cube wings or something.

I'm going to send you some screenshots of the game where it got really crowded because I found them interesting. I wish you luck in your future of game design.

i kept spinning out of control, not good enough control to this yet imho

KowallaTee responds:

Thanks for playing, I tried adjusting the speed a little so I hope it a bit better now. Thanks for the feedback!

Pretty good and fun but you can go through the cactus and maybe turning around should be a bit slower. Things to improve the game - add a red screen effect when getting hurt, and when the cubes get hit they should drop smaller cubes (like blood) it would be more fun to shoot them. If you can do the same for the top down version too that would be great!

KowallaTee responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I'll be sure to try my best and add some of these things in the future .

pretty boring but a good attempt keep up the work

KowallaTee responds:

Thank you for the feedback! I'm still new to making games but as I get better I'm hoping to be able to add some a lot more interesting gameplay.

Credits & Info

2.81 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2018
8:22 PM EST