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My friend who only spoke in Memes

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I'm going to be streaming soon after this upload goes up so come stop by!

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The rig used in this video is called Morpheus and you can find it here: http://www.joshburton.com/projects/morpheus.asp

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I'd imagine the stupidest way imaginable to get across a lame story would be to animate yourself as a head in a computer
"what if i told you the reason you think all memes are overused is because you spend too much time on the computer"


Memes are cool, I think some added subtitles on this might benifit the narrating, Its the little details that you showed in here that make this work so well, You bring some positives to the front of the line with this one, I was glad to have discovered this one there are a lot of nifty elements that made this one a nifty submission

I think some added subtitles on this might benifit the narrating


Memes are truly posts from websites that come with exclusive funniness. It would be weird if someone is talking with memes and no voice, not even a single touch with a text to speech voice or a real voice. You would be really sick if all of your friends talked in memes, but your maybe not telling the truth. If this is fiction, how could it be real if it's just about one of your friends speaking in memes? Oh well, just whatever. I give it a 5 star rating.

Memes truly are the way of the world these days. :) It's a strangely depressing and uplifting combination, in that they meet, but that it took memes for them to do so... all presented with pretty solid narrative, and futuristic style of animation. I like the style. Pretty original, and a well-told tale overall. Also good memes.


I speak in memes sometimes myself.