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Do you want to wake him?

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[Update] updated jump controls.
[Update] No try limit. Can play unlimited time.
Use SPACE KEY to jump.
Use SPACE KEY to do variable height jump.

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hahahaha! I don't like the moment when the potato hit the spinning blades.. (I messed up!)

Way to hard to control jump height. The bad controls really spoils this. Otherwise it could have been pretty good. Also, remove limited lives or add a hardcore mode.

Lakshaymavia responds:

Tried what you suggested :) Now give it a try..

This is really done quite well. My main complaint is that there's a try limit. The game gets quite difficult, so you should be able to retry levels until you complete them. The longevity should be provided by trying to complete it with the fewest deaths.

Lakshaymavia responds:

Changes some control and no try limit.. Now give it a try. :)

Hmmm... the effects are really cool, and the level design is quite interesting, but I don't really get the name of the game xD
Either way, neat try... ended up dying +50 times on the 5th or 6th stage, I think... ouch...
It would've been great if the game had more responsive and smooth controls, considering how difficult it is and how precise you have to be with your timing.

Still, looks pretty decent so far. Well done ;)

Lakshaymavia responds:

Tried some changes on control.. Now give it a try..:)

could be good, but it's hard not because of good level design but because of poor controls.

Lakshaymavia responds:

Thanks for trying..I will make changes.

Credits & Info

2.62 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2018
9:41 AM EST