Glenda, the classiest galaxy tourist - Episode 3

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...don’t eat too much before going to sleep...

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Created by: Someone’s Ex ( http://www.someonesex.com )
Glenda's Theme by: Steve Rice ( https://www.reverbnation.com/steverice )

Glenda’s Theme was specifically composed for The Classiest Galaxy Tourist. Steve Rice owns the rights of the song and the show has permission to use it.

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haha glenda is the best I remember watching an earlier episode and this was a fun episode too, it was a tad short and somewhat strange but that was ok would have loved some dialog but overall this was really funny and I like the muxture of video and cartoon characracter of glenda.

a fun film I hope you make more like this one


Glenda with a whole new style here! :D So unexpected. And perfect. Do wonder what the movie's called though... The Brain That Wouldn't Die! Ah. Adding to watchlist. Imaginative blend of techniques here, classy oldskool footage, and I do wonder where this is going after this...


I have no idea what just happened...

Oh man i totally got the hots for Glenda lol these animations are great!

Well, that was certainly interesting. The first part didn't really have that much new stuff added to it. A close-up here and there, but nothing that entertaining. You did well with the animation, though. Perfect, in fact, in the live-action scenes. Seeing Glenda in the role brought some humor, but not too much. Then the fight was really nice. The close-ups were funny, especially Glenda spitting like the savage that she is.
The ending was really interesting. I guess we're building up a plot. But wait - military hospital? Is Glenda working for the military? Last I remember she got stabbed by some rebels or whatever they were. She didn't go there to kill 'em though. I suppose we'll see, it's certainly an interesting development. Keep it up, this was a relalyreally cool episode!

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4.05 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2018
1:17 PM EST
Comedy - Original