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YumemiSushi, the oniric sushi-making service

Answer everything honestly to have the best, most suitable imaginary sushi delivered directly to you while you dream.

Disclaimer: sushi are only available during active hours. All sushi generated by the system will perish upon user disconnection.

Do not attempt to find the secret route and it may trigger weird sushi creations.


art and code (whoa!) by maruki: http://twitter.com/marukihurakami
made using Twine 1.4.2 Sugarcube2
no sushis were hurt in making this gaem

songs by You're Perfect Studio: https://youreperfect.gamejolt.io/
wavy text effect by Dali: https://codepen.io/daliannyvieira/
shake text effect by Dronca Raul: https://codepen.io/rauldronca/
yellow cat pic by Andy Miccone: https://www.flickr.com/photos/andymiccone/

EDIT: fixed the scrollbar, which was not showing for some people (if it's still not showing, let me know)
Fixed the links in the description section.

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That was... interesting. The sushi animations are great, the secret route is also intriguing.
Too bad the sounds did not play here. Interesting piece overall

maruki responds:

Oh no! Did you get any errors about the audio? D:
Thanks for the review!

This is...a trip and a half. A good trip, though. A good trip.

It's just that text games...

I love this idea for a game. The web browser idea justifies limiting the player's options without limiting I M M E R S I O N perfectly. It was pretty short (I liked the apparent set up for a conspiracy or secret purpose for the software type plot, without spoiling anything), but all in all a magical experience :D

maruki responds:

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Really charming, for a text based generator in (twine?). I considered docking points for the downloadable ToS but pussy convinced me otherwise. The pixel art was undoubtedly the best part!
secret route left me feeling h u n g r y f o r m o r e

maruki responds:

Thank you for your words! I'm glad pussy convinced you :D Thanks about the pixel art, I'm very fond of it too <3

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3.15 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2018
3:39 PM EST
Adventure - Other