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Brick Breaker v2

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Author Comments

After reading the comments on the first game i attempted to fix these through a few online tutorials and help from a friend-If any additional bugs exist do tell me

Update:Made the ball and platform move a bit faster and the ball now drops to the platform directly I also added some new songs to the soundtrack.

New Update:Made the ball spawn on the platform,made it to where you don't have to refresh also adjusted the speed of the ball to make it more fair

New-new update-fixed the issue to were the ball does not re appear just wait 10 secs for it to reappear and youll have another life

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It's so hard to find praises for this. I'm sure it takes time to make, but it needs a lot of work. Refreshing to retry is incredibly annoying. The bottom of the screen is very crowded with distracting pixelated lines. Bricks in brick breakers that are colored are also usually in a rainbow pattern (ROYGBIV), but that's admittedly a nitpick. Sometimes the geometry that makes up my platform (the thing the ball bounces off) will stretch or tighten, making accuracy difficult. The platform is also slow in comparison to the ball after a few bounces, and the ball spawns in the air rather than on the platform like most other brick breakers. Also, you need to spend longer on the visuals if you don't even have consistent bricks in a game about hitting bricks consistently. The varying sizes and hitboxes adds a barrier to normal play that makes the game more annoying than it is difficult. The only "bug" I found is that sometimes none of the bricks will break, or only select ones will bug out, which may or may not be tied to the hitbox thing.

BrockTheBro responds:

Thanks for the comment ill try to fix these issues soon in the near future about a few days to a week

Edit-fixed the issue of having to restart when the geometry of the platform stretches it does this because the platform is actually in segments and moves together,when you move it against the corner of the screen the end of the platform moves in the area told i cant fix this because If i make the platform one singular block when the ball hits the platform it will be buggy.

At its base, it's pretty good. Platform looks slow, but seems to move as fast as it needs to, but shouldn't have to refresh the whole page to start over. All in all pretty great base work to improve on!

BrockTheBro responds:

Thank you ill try to make it to where you dont have to refresh to continue

Edit-fixed the issue

Lol I see a lot of comments about it being too slow, but now I find it's too fast. The game ended too quickly and I didn't like to refresh the page. I also appreciate a creator who takes it upon themself to fix the errors made so I could see that when I was playing. Keep working hard.

BrockTheBro responds:

Thanks for the comment ill attempt to adjust the speeds and make it to where you dont have to refresh to continue

Edit-adjusted the speeds and you dont have to refresh when given a game over

The platform need to be sped up, the ball moves much faster than it does making it almost impossible to keep up. If the platform is on the right side when the ball respawns, you can't get over fast enough to catch it. The platform should be as fast or a little faster than the ball.
Also, only two plays per game (should be about four or five) and you have to refresh the page to start a new game?
Lastly, the ball should start on the platform and launch when the player hits the left or right button.

BrockTheBro responds:

Thanks for the input ill try to make it to where the ball spawns were the platform is and increase lives ill also try to make it to where you dont have to refresh

Edit-fixed these issues on exception on making the platform faster than the ball the balls faster to be a challenge

cool i guess

BrockTheBro responds:


Credits & Info

2.21 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2018
10:12 PM EST