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Trull: Mad Max Furry Road

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Trull season 1 episode 2
Max gets angry and teaches his friends a lesson for making fun of him
Animated by Justin Herrera https://twitter.com/jasterh21
Additional Animation by Gerardo Morales,Isaiah Ortiz, and Azoko Loko https://twitter.com/kowproductions1 https://twitter.com/IsaiahTheOrtiz https://twitter.com/AzokoLoko
Title card by Kaede Jerome :https://twitter.com/KDthe0

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i love you

It's got that silly, dumb charm of an early 2000's video. Can't wait to see more!

is that alien mith64?

also the end card and the end card music was great

I really liked the writing and the world was more developed. Pacing was a little awkward at times and a few scenes were hard to make out, but overall this was pretty good.

Woah damn, a whole 9 minutes this time, can't even imagine how long that must've taken. Animation was pretty solid in this compared to the previous Trull episode and I enjoyed this story compared to the previous episode a lot more as well. Humor was pretty well done and overall this was really fun to watch. Great work!