Monster Sanctuary

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Collect, train and battle monsters in lovely side-view pixel world

This is a demo version, the game is still in development!
Follow the development: https://twitter.com/moi_rai_
or https://discord.gg/C9T7Ven

Monster Sanctuary is a monster-taming RPG with party-based combat and metroidvania-like exploration. New monsters provide additional strategic options in combat and allow you to overcome obstacles to explore new areas and find hidden treasures. The turn-based combat focuses on team synergy and combos, distinguishing Monster Sanctuary from other popular monster collecting games.

As the youngest heir of an ancient bloodline of proud Monster Keepers, you step out into the world to follow in your ancestors' footsteps. You will gather a party of monsters to grow and train. Meanwhile, a series of unsettling events worries the experienced Keepers of the Monster Sanctuary. This is the beginning of a journey to unravel the cause of a mystery that threatens the peace between humans and monsters.

Warning: The web version of the demo has issues with savegames and crashes for some. You can play the demo version from Steam or Gamejolt instead, they are stable in that regard.

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I absolutely love this game.
Creative uses of the upgrading system, the style of the game is amazing and adds that classic RPG charm I crave, and I really love how the monsters have abilities you can use outside combat. High potential for other environmental uses.
I find it's very difficult to capture the player's attention whilst grinding enemies without feeling boredom, but I've spent hours on the demo alone and enjoyed every second.
From encounter to finish, with strategy and predicting, never got old.
I have really high hopes for this game and would LOVE to see its full release, and you have my full support. :)

PS: For those who are reading and want to play on full screen, you can access the menu by pressing Backspace, not just Esc. Hope this helped!

When talking to the treasure hunter in the first portion of the game about Old Buran crashed my game. But everything else is good.

good, but the inventory also disables fullscreen. maybe change it to E?

i love it so far, love these types of games
well done

very well done i love the art style of these types of games good job and keep up the good work

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4.33 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2018
8:02 AM EST