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Snail Mating Season

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Defense Master 5 Points

Win a Defense match.

Scavenger Master 5 Points

Win a Scavenger Match

Conquest Master 10 Points

Win a Conquest match.

Author Comments

Each snail lays around 100 eggs in Spring and Autumn, there are so many of them they are enslaving the human race! Join the prodigious mathematical engineer Aiko Mikazuki and the battle-hardened war veteran Golden Parhelion. Dust off your old RPG Launcher and jump back into the fray! For Science!

Different game modes:
Conquest : Inspired by the popular game genre MOBA, defeat the enemy commander and towers while protecting yours. In this mode you will be able to respawn with randomized weapons and ship. It's like ARAM with hundreds of players.
Scavenger: The goal is to find 30 pieces of cheese while you escape from unlimited enemies.
Defense: You and the flat planet Earth must survive all the waves of enemies. Build and preserve gold mines to increase your income, deploy turrets to defend your planet, hire mercenaries to fight your enemies and medical stations to keep your allies and yourself healed.

Mouse to rotate your ship, aim and shoot the main weapon.
W to thrust towards the direction you are facing, A S D to thrust to the other directions slowly.
Auxiliary Weapon: 1, Combat Device: 2, Ship Skill: 3
In Defense mode controls are slightly different; Z X C V are used to build, 4 to swap main weapon (Only in Defense mode).

Don't get lost! - If you can't find your ship on the map press SPACE and a highlighted aura will appear around your ship, you won't miss it.
Customized setup and concise progression system - There is no thing such as classes. Each main weapon, auxiliary weapon and device come separately, as well a few stats you can upgrade your ship with, which increase after each battle you win.
Data Transparency - You can see the exact amount of damage and fire rate all weapons and skills have, furthermore you can test them in the "Test Drive" map and look at the floating damage numbers.
Massive battles with stable framerate - It is a common misconception that all lag comes from numbers - having many actors on screen or creating many at once does indeed influence FPS, but after some research it turns out physics such as continuous collisions are to blame too. In this game the amount of AoE skills is moderately low and there is no collision detection between ally and foe.
Easy medals so don't sabotage my game's score with fake accounts and destructive criticism, please!!!

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I was 100% percent invested in the story on start up. Really interesting world you have created. Could do without the math jokes though, as I am bad at math and am really sensitive about it.

oof the lag is real its nice when you test drive and selecting all the options for weapons! but when you start a game it gets super laggy real bummer cause I wanted to get those medals!

this has to be a trollpost

i like the style of the game xd

Hot garbage, lol.
Very crowded screen, high CPU usage, heavy controls.

Fun facts:
Did you know that snails are hermaphrodite. During mating, snails will duel eachother with sharp calcium penises.
The losing snail gets to be mommy.

Credits & Info

2.36 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2018
5:14 AM EST