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Sentinel Destruction 3

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The long awaited SD3 is here! To keep it new and stylish, we have some new Animators aboard. We had a really good idea this time around. Instead of a Standard collab. why not have it be done in the city?! Not just any city.. a city over run by Sentinels!

Music By
Chris Schlard – NightSky
Tracy W. Bush – Facility
Metal Gear Rising – Rules of Nature
Saints Row – Speed Rift

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An Action-packed Masterpiece worthy of the series, if not the new bench-mark.

Just when I thought the series was over.

pretty good collab.

This made me remember the old times when I watched a lot of sprite animations.
Man, is has been a while! This was a nice collab, some animations had more thought into it than others, but still, I applaud all of you for this.

Keep con sprite-animating mah dudes!

did sentinel kill megaman?