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Good quality but I hate these games... lol

Derivative writing and generic performance. At no point did anyone tell a joke. The format of two friends talking about things to deliver commentary is a tradition in comedy cinema; having them fight about a stupid mistake, make up directly afterwards, and just have them present observations to one another like an assembly line is a ripoff. The most soulless part of all of this though is the link to YouTube; way to de-validate any reasoning beyond money for making animation while simultaneously taking the spotlight and limited ad revenue from what few real artists with real passion remain here, huddling near the embers. You are the evil.

The comedic timing was so good. Also, well done with the cut out animating. Didn't see a problem with the ad so everyone who's complaining is tripping.

I actually, for once, didn't carry about the ad because it was presented so well. Good job, because I am a DEdiCaTeD ADVertiSEmenT HaTer.

nice and funny, breh. I don't play this game, but you're funny.

BobertoBoo responds:

Thank you!

Ditch the ad, but the animation was great.

I don't know why people are getting so emotional about the ad... Newgrounds allows you to skip stuff with it's time slot mover thingy.

But yeah, I concede to their point though; ditch the ad but the ad doesn't effect the animation whatsoever. 5 stars.

Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2018
7:17 PM EDT