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Yandere Institute Dating Simulator

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Hi guys! Happy belated Halloween! I wouldn't miss making a game for Halloween for anything -- so here you guys go. This is a special game that I've wanted to make happen for a long time. Have fun and let me know what you guys think! Inspired by Yandere Simulator! It's also partially inspired by the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who!

You're one of the only guys at the new prestigous Youthful Academy of Nationally Decorated Eager Remarkables Education Institute, where the gender ratio is 90:10. Soon, you meet the girl of your dreams (or you're the guy of her dreams), Pink-chan, and what happens next is up to you to figure out.

Can you sneak your way to freedom from a crazed yandere girl? Don't stop looking.

Point and click, click to interact with objects

WARNING: Jumpscares involved but no harming of anime girls.

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scared the shit outta me

I would like to be hes boyfriend­čśĆ

my fucking heart bruh i saw her so i was tryna go to tha closet but my nigga i had to get off tha phone

I really liked this game. I know it's older but it had a good story and you will actually feel scared during the jump scares at night. Highly recommend players to play with headphones in the dark at 1-3am due to the creep factor.

it wont load but i rlly wanna play