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'La Yema'

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Be careful.

Here's a little (kind of?) Halloween-related-project.
Started as a quick animation for the Loopdeloop animation challenge with the theme of FEAR.

This weird thing came about inspired by a strange childhood fear of some sort: the possibility that even a fried egg could spawn a deformed yolk creature.

Thanks for Frontpage AND daily award! WINK FACE

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This is an extra reason why to not eat eggs

That's all, yolks.

This is great and perfect


A nice and artistic film here So this was one of those odd and strange submissions but we can never have too much of that, it was interesting and the visuals really came thru well in this so I was pretty impressed, so This is kind of wacky but thats what I like.

no changes this was really good as is.


This Delightful Short Reminded Me of a George Carlin Routine:

"How come when it's a human being, they call it an abortion, but when it's a chicken, it's called an omelette?

Are we so much better than chickens?

When did that happen?

Name 6 ways we are better than chickens.

See? No one can do it.
Know why? Because chickens are decent people.

You don't see chickens hanging around in drug gangs.
You don't see chickens strapping a guy to a chair and hooking his nuts to a car battery.
And when's the last time you heard a chicken coming home from work to beat the shit out of his hen?

'Doesn't happen.
Want to know why?
Because chickens are decent people."