Yonder Ho! - Episode 13

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On this day in 2013, Yonder Ho was released. It's been five years since this adventure began and I want to thank you for sticking with me all these years. There hasn't been many episodes, and the quality hasn't always been stellar, but they all hold a special place in my heart and I'm so grateful to all my friends who helped me along the way, and to all the fantastic people still watching. I'm well aware that an animated series such as this will likely never be popular, but even if no one was watching I would keep making them, and so long as I'm able, I will. This episode was made in 30 days. I started from nothing, not even an idea of what it would be about. The animation itself took two weeks. I had to come up with new techniques to get the animation done faster and I'm happy with the finished product. I actually built all the sets in Minecraft and used image filters on screenshots to give it a unique look. The finished animation is a little graphic, but hey, it's Halloween! Once again, thank you all so much for watching.

Breeze may be a very small and rather frail-looking teenage girl, but make no mistake, she is by far the most powerful person on Earth. Suffering from severe mental illness, Breeze is also very unstable, which makes her a threat to the entire planet. Despite her terrible powers and troubled mind, Breeze longs for friendship, but isn’t exactly a people person.

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Stay squirrely <3

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This series has evolved, and changed, so much since the early ones I remember! And the 13th episode coming out on the 31st: what a well-planned twist this was. :) Breeze seems like a pretty interesting character, though not sure we've been properly introduced before hmm... the premise here seems as new as it seemed to you in that month you started writing it - or have I missed some earlier episodes here? Am I becoming overly forgetful? And has this series always been this violent? :O

The close-up on Pete's eyes felt a bit out of character. Never seen those before either. I think. The blackness otherwise seems like a part of his character. Enjoying the eerie atmosphere though, those freaky twists and lovable endings. Feelgood vibes after all! The thing I'm maybe missing the most here are those intermissions! Though we sorta get some of those at the very end... hoping this series keeps going for some time too! There aren't many long-lasting ones out there not in some way angled to please the audience and/or make a profit. :) So this is a refreshingly exception. Good fun. And cheers on these first five years!


Bertn1991 responds:

Hey, thanks for sticking with the series for so long. I appreciate the feedback very much :D

You're right, the character of Breeze and the premise of the episode isn't well explained. I didn't want to bore people with lots of exposition I guess. Breeze is an old character, but it's the first time she's been in a main episode. The only other time she made an appearance was in old Yonder Ho animation tests from before the show was a thing.

Everything from the ideas to writing the script to doing animation was done in the month of October. I hadn't planned anything beforehand and I promise you didn't miss any episodes. (You aren't getting forgetful!)

Since it was a Halloween episode, I added some more graphic parts than I normally would. It's by far the most violent episode.

Pete's eyes have always changed to capture certain emotions. Kinda like Finn from Adventure Time. They are just black dots most of the time.

The next episode will have those intermissions! There was simply such a tight deadline all. I really like doing them.

Anyways, thanks again for the feedback. It's always a treat reading your reviews. All the cheers <3

I really love how the characters clash against the backgrounds.

It makes the characters POP more.

If you combine that quality with changes in color according to lighting situations than you will have created perfect color.

The Characters POP against the background is a step in the right direction.

You have a great idea by starting off tame and increasing the intensity as you move closer towards the climax.

the extreme contrast in tame visuals with the shocking adds an extra punch to it.

if everything is shocking than nothing is shocking at all.

Horror is all about the build up and you knew this.

The soundtrack reminds me of a lot of those late night crime dramas in some places.

I really loved the some of gags such as the dog barking once after finishing a complex grammatical sentience.

I don't have much criticism with the gags but you could incorporate the same kinda build up techniques used in your horror movie.

You seem to have a real knack for creating an entertaining Halloween special.

It was really fun to see a Yonder Ho Halloween special.

Happy Halloween.

Bertn1991 responds:

I don't know if you saw the credits, but the 'special thanks' was to you. Thanks for sticking around all this time. I appreciate it.

Glad you appreciated the build up and the colors. You're totally right about shock value, too. It's best in moderation.

I'll work on tightening up the funnier moments in future episodes. Thank you for the review, as always. And I know it's already November, but happy Halloween!

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