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UPDATE: Thanks for the front page feature! <3

It's been a while! I was actually planning to submit this for last year's Halloween, didn't make the deadline and so here it is. There's a lot to say about this project. Let's just start by saying this is based on a Belgian folklore about the Bloedkoets which is Dutch for Blood-Carriage. Conversations also mention other common folklore creatures (Will-o'-wisps, Werewolves, The Bullebak) which were said to roam the Netherlands. There just wasn't enough room for more but I'd love to create more of these folklore-based horror animations in the future. As for that creature at the end, that was a Nightmare. Said to be either hideous or beautiful they would leech your energy while you sleep and give you wet dreams or visions of terrible nature.

Be sure to check out the musicians featured in this animation, they're awesome. Sound effects were mostly recorded by me and my trusty Zoom H2 but everything that wasn't recorded by me was taken from FreeSounds.org. Voices were done by ashikitty, Julieparkvo, SailorSilverStar, Trinatan and Saminat, the latter of which did a fucking excellent job with my weird directions for monster voices haha. Splendid!

This is the first time I tried animating with no outlines. Also it's the first time I used After Effects to try and finalize the animation afterwards and as you can probably tell it could have used a lot more work. Then again, deadlines! Don't want to sit on this for yet another year ;)

Special thanks to all my Twitch followers! MushroomMadame for the credits art and also Chronamut/IoTheEternal for helping out with the mix on the credits song. His tips also greatly helped me with the overall mix of SFX and music.

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good movie bro. My uncle lives in belgium he might know the story.


"Did you have a nightmare?!"

Why, yes. Yes I did. How very astute of you since you GAVE ME THEM!


Wow so nice the art and "GRAPHICS" alone is really intense very smooth looking art and the animation "ACCENTS" it very well, There is no need for any changes on this flick as its just a solid piece as is, I am so glad there are so many awesome movies on this webiste! That are alot like this one, This is a submission that works very well simply because it's a never ending onslaught of entertainment and such. I like how this really just Leaps into action, and no holds bared, so nice effort and nice work there.

There is no need for any changes on this flick as its just a solid piece as is


Nice animation, I really like the colors. Very halloweeny vibe.

The "screams" really took me out of it. Good animation though.