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Beyond the Fog: Episode 1 - A Rude Awakening

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Trouble approaches the island of Settleland in the form of a fiery riot. Abyss and his henchmen won't stop until their objective is completed. Will our heroes be able to stop the force before hell breaks loose?

REMASTERED AUDIO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flZ7xd7HIac

Thank you for sticking around while I got this episode finished. The next episode's production time will be a lot shorter than this one.

Soundtrack: Ryan Pressman
Storyboard Artists: Elefluff, Knuxy
Voice Actors: Brendan Blaber, Kiane Chula King. P.M. Seymour, Andy Cowley
Written, Directed, and Animated by yours truly.

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Saw the Latest one on the Frontpage so I thought I'd watch the ep... and It was pretty cool!

I watched every episode aired so far already (until the 3rd) and happy I did, because it is an interesting world you are creating here, but I will say that if I watched this episode when it aired, I would NOT have kept going after the new releases, even at the second one... So perfect timing I would say.

Anyway, nothing new to say that hasn't been said, many of the sound flaws you made here are pretty much addressed in newer episodes but not quite the pacing tho... Will stay tuned for new episode. Cheers!

one of the best works of art on newgrounds


The style is beautiful and the sounds are great, it comes down to the mixing as the problem. The first time the music cuts in would sound better smoother, especially since it sounds good when it fades back in after the silence cut for big bad entrance.
Obviously smoother animation, but everyone is working towards that. Very watchable though, thank you.