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Hint: Start with opening the TV.

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Cute game, like the throwback feel and sound...normally not a fan of platformers because they can become a little much with the acrobatics you need to pull off to move on but this was perfectly fine.

I agree about the game. The "secret intro" was, by far, the best part...

The interactive TV is a nice idea, it's an original way of starting the game, instead of the classical loading bar and then the Play button... and of course, a good idea to hide a secret ^-^
As for the game itself, the gameplay is very simple but you managed to make the level trickier than they look, it adds more challenge :)

The "old TV" graphic effect is well done, however, it makes the text a bit hard to read... at least it's easy to "guess" what the characters say

I don't have anything to say, except "keep going" ^-^

ttesla responds:

well, thanks for the nice review.
I will keep it up ;)

Very hard to play, very glitchy even with up to date hardware on your pc, and also doesn't explain what you're supposed to do, ever. The only thing I could do to make progress is find the secret. And that was it. :/

ttesla responds:

At least you have found the secret part which most of the players haven't noticed ;)

Reminds me of old Atari games. I love the music, and storytelling. However, the first level is very challenging. Maybe you should start with an easier level? Pro tip: If it is hard for you (the developer) it will be nearly impossible for the player. I like how you have to start up the monitor in the beginning of the game. :)

ttesla responds:

I like tv static noise effect very much. Which could be done much better but thats all for this game ;)

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3.06 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2018
7:16 PM EDT