Small Circuit

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Rewire a robot to beat platforming challenges.

Use the mouse to connect up the robot's circuits then press play and swear a lot when it inevitably fails.

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really good game! I like the Idea and would love to see more levels!

i like the idea, its a good puzzle without a single unique solution, but i strongly think that we should get a better description of each part before placing them and the ability to remove both parts and circuits

b-random9 responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

"the ability to remove both parts and circuits"

3rd level and onward (when creating parts is introduced) you can delete parts with right click and you could always click wires to delete them. Not sure I taught this anywhere in game mind which is a slight oversight.

Interesting idea

Well first off congrats on the front page award a deserving reward for the nice effort, the gameplay was fun the game idea was nice, I think adding some added flashy effects on some impact action moments would be one idea of suggestion, And now we come to the end here soon, but I guess my last notes on this review are that Transitioning some of the weaker points to stronger ones would be key, There are some Miscellaneous things that could be better but Altogether this was pretty good just needs some more adjustments to be more in the Highlights of things and such, good luck.

I think adding some added flashy effects on some impact action moments would be one idea of suggestion


A bit confusing during the start and the function of some blocks were not clearly described. In the end, I could figure out everything well enough to pass all levels, but they still remain a bit unclear to me. For example I didn't know whether there was a race condition when combining a pressure detector (how long does it hold?) and toggle to an AND gate. Maybe this doesn't sound very clear, but it's also hard to describe. Another trouble was the toggle, which I still didn't fully wrap my head around. Tried to concatenate two of them in a row, but their behaviour still doesn't seem predictable. Maybe a depiction of the current wiring state would be nice. The debugger doesn't really help in this case, because more than one debugger will render the debugging useless. Furthermore, I found the toggle control (middle click) the most frustrating thing in the game. When middle-clicking, on Firefox there appears a "scroll circle", which a) gets in the way of the sight, b) scrolls the whole window when moving the mouse a bit, c) gets in the way of the control and therefore d) forced me to click somewhere else to get rid of it, which in itself gave unpredictable results. There was a sound and maybe even a state change for a middle click and the following left-click. I had to use the middle click a lot, which made things even more difficult. Additionally, when re-starting the game, the scroll wheel didn't work anymore at all.

Nevertheless, although the description was very vague and the scroll wheel control was almost a game in itself, the idea was very refreshing and well executed. Could be some more levels, could have a saving options (like passwords for each levels), but all in all the game has entertained me so much in a positive way, that I would overlook the aforementioned issues. Keep going!

Drat, just when the game started to be interesting, it ended. The last puzzle was a really good one. Gonna take off half a star for being too short and too easy. Adding more levels would easily make this so much better.

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3.47 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2018
3:22 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other