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Small Circuit

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Rewire a robot to beat platforming challenges.

Use the mouse to connect up the robot's circuits then press play and swear a lot when it inevitably fails.

EDIT: If scrolling the mouse wheel also scrolls the page, please not you can use z/x to switch parts (level 3 onwards)

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lets freaking go, this game is amazing.
b-random9 did a good job again.

Here's My Review Of This Game: Game Mechanics: 10/10. The Game Starts Out Simple. Just A Few Buttons To Connect, Nothing Difficult At All... But As We Progress, The Game Gets More Difficult, But Not Impossible. Also, Fun Fact: You Can Write EVERY Thing In This Game As A Mathematical Expression (OR As +, AND As ., The Metal Detector As M, Toggle As ^-1, Solutions As Permutations Of The Things Mentioned Before And Ect.). Music: 10/10. It Fits Nicely With The Game's Main Objective, To Make Permutations Of Logic Gates And Functions To Solve Puzzles. Graphics: 9/10. I'm More Of A Pixel Art Person, But Still, I Have To Admit, It's Pretty Good! Plot (I.E. Story): There Really Wasn't A One, And I Can't Review What Doesn't Exist, So... Yeah, That Seems Like All Of It. Overall, It's A Good Game. Also, If You Ever Make A Small Circuits 2 Or Something Like That (I Doubt You'll Ever Make A Second Game, But Still), Please Add More Logic Gates (Like XOR, NAND, NOR, XNOR...). After All, It Would Save A Lot Of Space, And Maybe Even Allow For Alternative Solutions (You Could Also Add Something Like If "(), Then []", Or Iff)! There, That's All.

It's amazing. I love the concept. I couldn't pass the third level (i didnt try very hard), but it's still (in my eyes) perfect.

I can say that I had the same initial issue as one of the other reviewers where I didn't understand that you had to drag from the small red dot to the blue dots. After that, enjoyed the game. Others seem to not have as much of an issue but maybe highlight that for uh.. special people.. like me.

It's a good Concept game. especially if your an electrical student with the fore ground knowledge. this really helps. Good concept and simplicity overall

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3.43 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2018
3:22 PM EDT