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Solar Spin

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Author Comments

The Earth is on a road trip! Pilot your planet as far as possible!
A simple reflex-based arcade game!

This game was made with:

Adobe Illustrator CC
Bosca Ceoil

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Good game,but hard to aim and estimate the trail.

Good Idea, Bad execution :/

Re Dev's response: I think the concept of the game could be pretty addictive if the controls were more easy to understand, because now it just seems like you click and your ship just goes in random directions. Also, some parts of the game are too fast, while others are too slow, like the title screen in between tries takes well to long to get out of the way, But the ship goes too fast as soon as you click, especially fast considering there is no clear indicator of where the ship will go one you click

zorbslayer responds:

Glad you like the idea! Sorry you aren't very fond of the execution. Anything I can do to improve it? Re Re Dev's response: I think these problems have been fixed in the latest update

A solid concept but 2 major issues. The suuuuper slooooow crawling score-screen takes you out of the gameplay for WAY too long and is frustrating to watch, and the lack of having any sort of sense of where you are, what obstacles are in the immediate area, and clear indiciation of where you will move when you click. Perhaps if you had some kind of radar-map? Or widened the field-of-view on the game itself? Or even little indicators at the edge of the screen telling you where stuff is out there. Also, having an arrow on the edge of the planet showing what direction you will launch would help a TON. Just suggestions on how to improve~!

zorbslayer responds:

Thanks! I will definitely look into fixing these issues and the 3rd suggestion has been repeated to me multiple times and is first on my list!

Edit: I'm still thinking about the second issue, in my opinion, the game gives you enough time to react to obstacles and where you are doesn't matter, as long as you don't hit the border. I can totally see how people that haven't played it for hours would have problems though! I'm considering what would be the best fix without ruining the look of the game. Arrows on the edge of the screen seems like a good idea, I just wonder if players will go towards the arrows and get themselves killed. :P


zorbslayer responds:

Haha, sounds courtesy of my little brother + audacity.

"Nothing to see, screen all black...."

EDIT: The game works now, whatever it was, idk. I quite like it and favorited it so I will play it more often. It seems to be a good idea for a game when waiting for something. A mobile version would be great.

zorbslayer responds:

I'm sorry but I think the problem is on your end. Are you using a device other than a PC or do you have a very low amount of ram? Maybe an ad blocker you have is removing it? I'd prefer if you didn't leave a rating without trying the game because of a technical problem your having but in the end, it's up to you. :)

Other people have had this problem with other Unity games too:
"Hi all. I'm an end user, not a Unity developer, but I've been looking for a solution to this problem for months now. It's not just one Unity game, it's pretty much all of them. Any Unity game on Kongregate seems to give me a blank black box with little else when using Chrome. I'm currently using Chrome 67.0.3396.87, but as I've said this has been going on for months (at least 3 months) so it may have began with an earlier version of Chrome."

Credits & Info

2.99 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2018
10:31 PM EDT