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Broken Hand: No Evil 032

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Nothin's spookier than kids on halloween eh?

Cast of No Evil:
Warlordofnoodles: Kitty (kajortoq), Calamity (chalchiutlicue)
Mr. Shoes: Huey (huehuecoyotl), Amaroq
Mr MexicanFoodIsGood: Ichabod, Corn
Rachel the flying: Wrip
.L.Jones: Vinkle
Sushijustask: Paula
Charles: Dr. Awesomesauce
Starshine: Angel
Chief McCoy: Specks
Chirp Chirp : Frida, Chief Hatfield
Teeheemilady: Emily
CosplayKippy: Edmonia
Jose: WooleyWorld https://www.youtube.com/user/WooleyWorld
Bass, Alexander, Rush: squidjoose https://www.youtube.com/user/squidjoose

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… I only just realized that the lawman here is Marshal Bass Reeves.

I like seeing that Amaroq in human form. And oh nossss that little brat Charles has them all trapped now. Poor Monkey girl. Oh the suspense !!!!!!!!

Sweet <3 Thanks for the new episodes <3

Always an impressive story though..the Doctor's voice seemed...a little force? Still an incredible piece and I look forward to the next installment

The story and plot are interesting, and it keeps your attention.

The animation is good.

Character designs and backgrounds look very rough and unfinished.