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Dragon Ball Super in one scene of Dragon Ball Z | Animated Parody

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Hi there! Just felt like I had to push this button and try it and this is what I came up with!ahah Please give your opinion down below and rate my animation!


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Genious! xD I haven't really watched DBZ but now I'll know for sure that Goku's transformations know no limit.
Great job on this! The art style looks very nice! No weird or incosistent shapes, everything looks like it could be part of an actual anime ^_^

Hehh heh heh....niiiice. I say you nailed it on the head, as this is dragon ball super all riiight.

Very True.

IMHO DB became boring after Frieza saga, starting with Android Saga, when everyone became OP and could destroy planets, there was no new techniques or anything and everything was solved just by sayans reaching a new transformation where all was changed was hair color and style. It's borderline watchable till the end of DBZ and Boo saga, but all the later addons are just useless more of the same.

Well yeah. Forgot the white hair...but that's okay. We get it.
Awesome !