Grave Greed

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It's a game where you search for treasure. Dig up graves and defeat horrors that dwell within the cemetery.

WASD or Arrows to Move
SPACE to Dig/Attack
CTRL to Cast Spell
ENTER to Activate/Block
ESC for Menu/Inventory

Left Mouse Button to Attack
Right Mouse Button to Block

Joystick or D-pad to Move
X to Dig/Attack
B to Cast Spell
A to Activate/Block
START for Menu/Inventory

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uhm what the hell is with having no way to heal? so you get knocked down to 1 health early and then spend the rest of the game at 1 health. lol how STUPID.

enter to block? how STUPID?

first shield = god mode, upgrades make you take damage? how IDIOTIC.

Question: First off WHY do you start with so little health? I'm no stranger to one hit kill games but when you have to be on top of a grave to dig and a zombie comes out you have ZERO time to react. Second? WTF is up with the Gold Shield?!? With your standard shield you take no damage from blocking attacks but when you upgrade your shield you take damage when you block?!? An upgrade is supposed to HELP YOU (not become a liability) hence the term UPGRADE.

I'm sorry but this game has A LOT of flaws that need top be addressed. The health bar and shield being just two of them...don't even get me started on the useless level up menu of the piss poor "spell" you get in the well.

why my sheid dont block damage.

good game but I wish we had an option to change the controls. I'm using a mac computer keyboard and space, control and enter are too far away from each other, whilst also having to use the up, down, and sideways control. there is also a bug where you edit your stats, and it adds too many points.

Otherwise, great game!

Okay fun game. Once you have the shovel in a boss room it's over. Just sit in the boss room on the lower left side inline with 2 lower graves that the dead spawn out off and hold down space. The only 2 options are to hit the boss if they spawn in front of you or you keep killing the dead dudes for EXP. I ended up leveling up 6 times on the second boss. Game Over from that point.
Great Game otherwise. Keep up the good work

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3.84 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2018
10:05 AM EDT
Adventure - Other