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Copy Click Paste

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Author Comments

Copy Click Paste is a platformer where you BUILD by copying and pasting platforms!

Though useful, copying and pasting (just like real coding) isn't always perfect and can have problems ,such as Spikes.

The game was made for The Blackthornprod Game Jam in 1 Week, the theme being game development.

This game is about collecting and finding errors by copying parts of other levels into the level to find a way to continue.

Rate on jam here: https://itch.io/jam/blackthornprod-game-jam-1/rate/318886

WASD or the Arrow Keys to Move
You can Double Jump
To Select, Click on a Block on the build bar (at the top of the screen)
Click again to Place it
Right Click on any Block you've place to remove it
Once removed you can re-place blocks

Version 1.1.0 :
3 New levels
Many level changes
Bug fixes
Please leave feedback⬇⬇

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I like this game, particularly the concept. The music doesn't bother me a bit, because I'm used to such loops.

However, the cube moves a bit too fast and there doesn't seem to be a restart button or something like that. I get that the level restarts if I die and/or you can just right click the objects to disappear, but it would be wise if there's a restart button.

But apart from those, it's a great game.

The music is just annoying, the movement feels like any little press of a button sends me flying in mid-air, and it would be nice if after you place a block you could move it around instead of resetting the block and replacing it. With maybe some better levels and more thought, this could be a pretty alright game.

Music is irritating, you can find much longer and better loops on Newgrounds Audio Portal, on Freemusicarchive.org, Incompetech.com or Freepd.com; In addition, there are no sound effects - a sound effect for jumping and dying could probably improve the game.

The playing field is WAY too big, on screens with smaller resolution it's impossible to see at once - remember that standards for web developers (who you technically are if you're making web games) is 1024x768! So overall, that made it completely unplayable for me.

Controls are responsive, but they just feel bad. Your character feels floaty because he falls a bit too fast, and he moves left and right to fast to feel like you're completely in his control. Also it appears there is no 'coyote time' and your character falls the instant you walk off a ledge - in platformers that feel well, generally there is 1-4 frames after walking off a ledge where you can still jump.

The core concept is solid - it's the execution that falters.

Citybuilder14 responds:

Thank you for the feedback. I will take your opinions into account for any future updates I decide to make if any (as this is a Jam Game). However, according to my own private playtests the coyote time is much greater than it should be; furthermore though I will look into the issues you highlighted.

The music is very irritating as its loop is very small and repeats itself a lot. The gameplay is ok-ish. The puzzles did not really get me

There's a fun bug in here, you can infinite jump to the end of the level if you hover your block over the character without placing your block anywhere. but after you complete the stage using this glitch, you'll be stuck in the next level- the last block you selected will be stuck at the beginning, and any blocks you left click on will automatically vanish.

Citybuilder14 responds:

Just found that bug to :). There might a patch for it soon, however, I have mostly stopped development on the game.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated

Credits & Info

2.88 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2018
4:37 AM EDT