Skyward Descent

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Face an onslaught of strange murderous creatures; equipped with a gun and a jetpack that burns enemies below!


Use the WASD keys to move and arrow keys to aim your gun. Enter to pause or select items on the main menu. Use the mouse to change the volume sliders.


Face waves of enemies using your gun to shoot in 8 directions, and your jetpack to both maneuver into position and deal extra damage using it's flame. Each wave contains a small number of enemies. Once they are disposed, you are given a random selection of items to choose from.

HP-wise you have 2 health bars. In the top left is your main health bar. You can only take a couple of hits at once (at which point you will plummet to your death) but you easily regenerate your hp. If you are one hit away from death a skull icon will appear above your head to indicate this.

The other hp bar is the floor. Each time you get hit, the floor will shrink a little. This does not regenerate and will only reset once you beat the boss of an area. There are items that can help buff your floor so keep an eye out for those!


They exist!


Developed by Brandon JS Lea


Music and logo by U-GameZ




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While I think this game is excellent, some of the powerups need to be explained. If there was, lets say, a list where all the powerups you have used show up and what they do, I feel like it would benefit the game immensely. Other than that, no flaws. Keep making amazing games!

This game is truly something out of the blue! I really love the style and the core gameplay of it, as well as all the power-ups and especially the ability to hurt enemies with my jetpack!. Aside from the Shooting Fish, I really love this new style of platformer shooting!

this is a really fun idea for a game, personally i think it would better if there were a "shop" to spend saved up currency on upgrades or some way to keep some upgrades with each play, so you could further progress faster. the bosses and enemies are unique and fun

Ah yes a good wave-based shooter with a nice twist. Good animation, smooth framerate, challenging while not being ridiculously so. 10/10. Nice work!

Wow nice game here,

this was truly something "AMAZING" The color the music the backrounds the element of the "GAME" itself was just amazing work, I dont think this needs any changes what so ever, But with all that said, Amusing game some decent interactivity, and fun to play, there was alot to see and it was overall fun so great job all around below I have left a few ideas that may help to Improve on this flash, so keep up the good work and i look forward to more. But anyways decent flash i had fun with them, and most of all keep up the fantastic flash work. And keep making these games they bring entertainment to all.

I dont think this needs any changes what so ever


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3.44 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2018
4:15 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other
  • Daily Feature October 21, 2018