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ElementalBoy TD

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Author Comments

Turn based tower defense game, with Gameboy inspired graphics. Build and combine a variety of element themed towers

Mouse controls

Update - Movement Animations, mouse cursor

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I love tower defense games, I have a fair bit of nostalgia for Game Boy. This game took a bit of getting used to, but once I did I loved it, it's simple, fun, challenging and keeps my attention, I will be adding this to my favorites list. The only things I can think of for improvements are the option to remove towers, maybe a wave count so we don't have to guess how much level is left. Keep up the good work, I hope to see more good TDs from you.

LakeshoreGames responds:

Thanks a lot! i do have a sequel planned with a lot of improvements

Nice little game, I can imagine it being a great time sinker :)

I'd only juice it up a little.

The area effect towers fire at nothing so often that they are always reloading and missing targets because of it, I get cool down time is needed but they need to stop randomly burning empty sections of track and only activating when something is in their range, also the amount of funds earned seems completely unrelated to performance and is given at the end of each round, leaving no chance to upgrade or modify defense as attacks come in. The difficulty also jumps up and down so wave 3, when you have almost no towers yet, might be a swarm of dozens of hard to kill bad guys while wave 8, when you have plenty of defense might only send one or two out.

The cost of upgrading or combining towers is virtually impossible to meet with the low income, generally a first tier upgrade shouldn't cost as much as a whole new tower and combining should be practically free since you already have one tower, you should just be able to buy and place the new tower over it for very little additional cost.

Some kind of type guide for the bad guys and a way to sell towers that are placed accidentally would also be quite handy.

This game has a lot of potential and I love the retro graphics and the combinations but it really needs some of the issues ironing out.

LakeshoreGames responds:

Thanks for taking the time to comment there is a lot of useful feed back here i will be implementing in the next version. I think communications is a big one as the waves in the first level are meant to make sure the core strategy is clear but it probably takes to much trial and error without knowing whats coming in each wave. the difficulty of waves does jump up and down because its highly dependent on what towers you have a later wave may only have one enemy but at a higher level with much more hp meaning with mainly aoe towers it will make it through but mainly single target itll be a breeze. You're right the first level is way to low on income doesn't really encourage making any combined towers it is possible to beat the first three waves with only two towers meaning you can combine elements after the second wave and place a third tower or upgrade after the third wave but saving gold between waves isn't intuitive
thanks for playing

there needs to be some indication of how each tower works prior to building them, or at least a sell function. i built an air tower which literally just shoots away from the path every time and i cant remove it. the game is alright but if im going to be honest i lost interest because there are so many other TDs out there that dont have these issues. there are definitely aspects of the game i think were well done too, we just need some better tool tips and a sell function

LakeshoreGames responds:

When you have a tower selected to build the info panel at the top right does have information but i agree its not clear enough. you can select and rotate the tower. thanks for the feedback i plan to make a lot of improvements for a sequel

Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Oct 18, 2018
11:30 PM EDT