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DJ Supreme ft. House Of Hippies - War On Drugs

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SONG: DJ Supreme ft. House Of Hippies - War On Drugs
IDEA: House Of Hippies

While I'm dying in music video production I would like to present you NEW music video

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drugs are ilegal

Came here for tits. Not prego-lady.

just wow

The song is pretty nice, and I like the style. I liked the way the TV gives him the idea for everything. I thought the story was unbelievable, now I see why. That ending was great. I really liked that action scene. The way that guy started shooting was really weird though. I mean, the guy wasn't tripping in the trip, so why would it be so weird? There are no other moments like that. But anyways, cool music video with a good message, good job.

MHR-cartoon responds:

video editor decided that it should be slowmo scene and made that kind of decision... so yeah... it's one of many weird actions that took place in post

This was a very dope video. Hardcore. Nice work.