I Need Space

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A tough as nails shmup. The game was created for the 2 Colors Game Jam.

Use WASD or arrows to move around and Space to interact.
You can kill most of the enemies by pressing space while they are on the dotted line around you.
Good luck, you'll need it.

-Twitchy yet strategic combat, incorporating timing your i-frames
-Multiple bossfights
-Lore told through descriptions and cutscenes
-Yes, this is basically Dark Souls

Music used: "Waves" by Azureflux

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This game is one of those games which is hard yet balanced, I personally don't like rage games but this is a exception, really enjoyed this game!

The only reason why i didn't gave 5 stars is because it could be better, adding badges and score, for example.

LunaticDancer responds:

Thanks a lot for playing and leaving an opinion!
I'm really glad you've enjoyed it, it's of quite an importance for me :)

Start - dead - start - kill 2 enemies - dead - start - kill 5 enemies - dead - start - kill 3 enemies - dead - frustrated.

LunaticDancer responds:

Yeah, it's that type of a game :D

You'll be fine as long as you learn from your mistakes. At first focus on dodging enemy stuff and clearing them out quick and you'll get far in no time!

Thanks a lot for trying it out!

This game is AMAZING! You should add some badges and levels

LunaticDancer responds:

Ho boi, that's a load of positivity, can't thank you enough!

I don't really feel like continuing this game (it was made in 48 hours and I didn't touch it since), but badges sound like a cool idea, I may add them once I learn how.


it is a weird game but it is fun i like it

LunaticDancer responds:

Thanks a lot for enjoying it!
This is very uplifting :)

Im giving it 3 stars, I like the game but could use some improvements. the first couple of tries I died instantly, after that I tried spamming the space got me really far. The challenge is there with the enemys but with everything being one hit you ether do really well or eat shit on the first try, adding life bars to enemys as well as to the playable character would help, making more difficult enemys harder to kill as well as not basically trying to play Contra with one life here. it would also make the overall game longer to play. ether than that i love the music and simple yet pleasing design of the characters, but it just needs a little more to make this shine for me.

LunaticDancer responds:

Thanks for stopping by and giving a detailed opinion!

The main challenge of this game is to not get overwhelmed by both enemies and incoming information, and prioritizing right actions in every context. While the enemies are one hit only, they still can prove themselves difficult simply by tricky to dodge bullet patterns. And I personally don't believe the mantra of "bigger damage/HP numbers == more difficult", in my taste it makes games boring in most cases.
For harder enemies with a lot of health, try bosses, there are two in this game, and maybe they will provide you what you like :D

Of course you are right, there's much in this game to improve, and I appreciate your hopefully honest judgment. Still, I think it's rather ok for a game that was made in 48 hours.

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3.04 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2018
11:59 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional