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Crypt Shyfter: Journey

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Author Comments

Set out on a journey to prove that you are a true badass, worthy of being called a warrior of your clan.

In this game you will travel to foreign lands, meet exotic people, fight a Shyfter and even do side quests! (Or not, if you don't want to. That's the whole point of side quests, afterall).

So, this is my entry to the Crypt Shyfter Short Story contest. It was suposed to be a short story, with a little bit of interections through it, but... Let's say I got a little carried away, and made it longer then it was suposed to be.

Still, here it is, in all it's glory!

Patch 0.1 - Grammar and spelling corrections on the main story.

Cover art by HighKing - https://highking.newgrounds.com/

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Where can i download this

What happened to all of the games in your profile??? :( :( :( Was planning on playing some of your old Crypt Shyfter games and they're all gone.


Was I supposed to be able to cash that certification from customs for a 1000$$$? or was the dope cat right when he said fuck off you can"t always get what you want... I really wanted that doe bro...like I thought maybe I would cash It after the shyfter died live a life of luxury but nope :-( for this dissapointment I take one half star!!
Also who the heck is evermead?

Xuvero responds:

No, you can't withdraw that cash, dude, sorry. It was just an excuse to make you leave the town.

And I guess Evermead is a bit of an inside joke now. Ask @kungfuspacebarbarian. But it's a long story.

Pros: You gave real effort to set up good scenery and background imagery.
Cons: Full of grammatical errors and sometimes confusing language ( What does *you dig your axe down it's tight* even mean?) The link for the bartenders quest is unclickable ( [I'm listening->!favour ), I got the quest after talking to the bard first, but the setup suggests I should have been able to get the quest by skipping the bard altogether.
The protagonist beat KFSB in a duel. No one can beat KFSB, he's invincible! (But I didn't take points of for that, it's your story, after all! :) )

Xuvero responds:

Oh shit, I gotta fix that bug, thanks for telling me.

And sorry for the grammar errors (and I noticed that some typos slipped in as well), I was quite tired when I proofreaded this, and in a bit of a rush. Guess it was a mistake, eh?

And it's a bit hard to catch these parts in which what I say makes no sense, 'cus you know, they made sense in my head. Guess I need someone to read and catch those, so thanks for doing this!

Thanks for your review, it was very helpful!

P.S.: The protagonist didn't defeat KFSB, it was KFSB that let him win. But don't tell anyone, it's a secret to everybody.

(The bug should be fixed by now. The grammar and spelling corrections are on the way).

It was a decent story with some comedy and action, but I don't feel like the choices really changed the story much. If there are no graphics it should be easy to make the choices change the story more and lead to more diverse endings. The game was also quite bland with white words on a black background. If there were some graphics to go with it or at least some audio with the choices it would make things more exciting.

Xuvero responds:

Well, it's a text game, that's why it doesn't have graphics or music. It's like a book, you know?

Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2018
6:22 PM EDT