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Platformer In Space 1

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Walk left - LeftArrow
Walk Right - RightArrow
Jump - 'Z'
Shoot - 'X'

Find the yellow key to open the yellow gate

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it's a good start up for someone who is new. but do please add some tunes or jump sounds and etc. nextime

DjaroGamesYT responds:

I am making a sequel in which there will be an original sound track, sound effects and more levels

Where do I begin? The graphics are terrible, the mechanics barely work, and if you fall off the screen because you have no clue where to go you will be stuck there. That is correct, you do not respawn if you fall off of the map.

Not a bad start. I see this is your first game and everything seems to work. It is a bit on the short side and the enemies do tend to get stuck from time to time. I notice that sometimes it seems to jump extra high. Is this intentional? If not then that is another bug. Some things I would suggest to improve this aside from bug fixes:

1. Add more levels and possibly some instruction. The orange blocks, at first I wondered if they were bouncy. Nope, guessing lava? But why is the one just kind of sticking out?

2. Graphics. Your little dude doesn't look horrible but the rest could use a bit of a touch up. Some movement animation wouldn't hurt either.

3. I actually like the little arrows or whatever it is you shoot. Should those maybe do player damage?

4. Sound. Sound isn't always a good thing, and if you can't find or make some good sounds I would personally say leave it silent instead. However, if you can find some good suitable sounds or background music it can go a long way to setting the feel of the game.

If I scored games based upon a direct comparison with the last other game I played I would have given this a 5. That being said, what I had played right before this was intentionally hopeless and did put me in a mood to be helpful to people who are actually trying so 3.5 stars for a good start. Keep trying.

there is a glitch in the game that makes it super easy to beat without the yellow key. if you go in the platform next to the yellow gate that looks like a sideways L if you hold left and jump against the left wall you will get a boosted jump and you can get over the yellow gate. game glitches like this makes games too easy.

DjaroGamesYT responds:

I know why that happens (Jumping adds velocity instead of sets velocity) and in the sequel I am making it will work.

Challenging dude! But I like it!

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2.42 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2018
7:08 AM EDT