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Akira Tsukikage was devoted to his older brother Jericho long before he died, and even longer after. After finding an old notebook thought to belong to his late brother, he and his brothers find themselves tangled up in a battle with Lord Shini; where Akira witnesses the brutality of the God firsthand, and begins preparations for their march to war.

Play as a wide cast of characters, each with a unique set of abilities and equipment

Learn what magic works best with certain enemies, and how to use status ailments as an advantage in battle

And unravel an interconnected story between a band of strangers, and learn that brotherhood goes much deeper than blood.

Some of the art and music in this work is copyrighted, I will not be making any money off of this game.
All original characters are property of TeamTsukikage.
Some character sprites used with knowledge from Final Fantasy 4 (c) Square Enix.
Music composed by Adrian von Ziegler, used with knowledge.
Music also from Mort Garson's album Mother Earth's Plantasisa.
Bad Apple! is property of Alstroemeria Recirds and Nomico
Special thanks and credit to Yanfly, without their plugins this would just be another RPG Maker game.

Game feels more natural with a controller, but it's not required

Based off of Brotherhood PHASE ONE: https://my.w.tt/sIwMb2WRr0

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I entered the building where the killer is and it spawned me out of bounds where I could only turn in different directions.

TeamTsukikage responds:

Thank you for pointing that out, it helped us solve a much bigger glitch as well. We're updating it now, it should be up in an hour.

akira help!

save is crashes it does save though

TeamTsukikage responds:

Noticed and fixed

You need to add faster combat, either speed the animations or add an option to disable animations and have instant combat

Otherwise it's an Ok game, listen to the feedback!

TeamTsukikage responds:

Hey, thanks for your feedback! We originally wanted to add an option to toggle the framerates of magic animations during battle but it clashed with an important plugin. Once we can iron out a way for both to run properly we'll try to work it into the final patch. If all else fails, we'll probably just cut the animations down to the basic ones rather than having it evolve with the tiers of magic.

I honestly thought it is going to be one of the hard game but I was wrong. After beat the first boss, it is so easy and challenges. Look like I can freely play as Mage. Keep it up!

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2.92 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2018
6:52 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG
  • Photoshop
  • Audacity
  • Animate
  • RPG Maker MV