Cosmic Commandos Ep: 2

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I created a series in which two factions battle it out. Red and Blue. Clones and Androids. Hope you enjoy. This is my first real animated series. I'm still fairly new to it all. Episode one is up on youtube (has some copyright protected music) is you want to watch that first. Here's the Youtube link to that: https://youtu.be/4wzniF3paLk

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Why was the dead blue a robot playing with a butterfly on the moon when the other were human like?
Otherwise good attention to little details like sighing before killing the clones but then lack of details as the plan was to kill them all, not take one hostage. Should be interesting to see how disobeying a Kill'm All Order, is going to work out for the red leader upon getting home.

You may try saving animation time by re using your existing library, like the run cycle at 09 could have been reused at 4:04 simply by duplicating the old graphic & changing the color.

icheban responds:

Hey Grim,

I'll try and answer as many questions without spoilers or making excuses!

The Blue faction utilizes androids as well as drivers (avatar like humans that control soldiers remotely) which can be seen in episode 1. The reason he was playing with the bug was to give the story something to distract him. Maybe he liked the noise the bug made? I just wanted to add something fun.

I totally see what you mean about saving animation time (and I'm already planning more ways to do that in future episodes) but I did actually pull the running animation from the first episode and recolored it to fit the red guy. I also duplicate actions where possible.

As far as why they captured the Driver... I hope you'll be pleasantly in the upcoming episode.

Thanks for watching and thank you for the feedback!

This animation series is amazing! I can't wait to see the next episode!

icheban responds:

Thank you! And I do hope to make more!

I was trying to find something to criticize so I could try to give you something to look into when you make your next animation but I couldn't! Your Animation Was smooth and the Art style was simple while still visually appealing. The story was also entertaining too. The Way the camera moved made it seem like a Tv show of a war. All together this was a great Animation and I wish you the Best of luck!

icheban responds:

That is very kind of you! I know there are many things I can improve on but I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it!

Oh man, this is your first animation? It's very nice and fluid and I really like the story and attention to detail. The animation style I really like, wherever I find it. That ending was so dramatic, and I like how they saved one of the clones. The part where the clone was being sent out was really sad to me, because he thought it was all really nice and cool. The other happy clones greeting him also added to that. I like the designs for the factions, they're cool and distinct. The music was also nice and tense during the tense parts. The ending as well as the whole episode is basically saying "war seems cool until you have to do it yourself". I liked the detail of that one clone soldier not stopping to go into the clone room and the fact that there was an alarm on when they were escaping. I would have liked to see some androids coming after them as they get away, it's simply not believable that there would be no guards ready. That android playing with the butterfly also adds to the message. I like how the big heads of the military are so cold and uncaring, being free to do a presentation that they subsequently copyright. That presentation was pretty funny, especially with the 404 and Step 5. Thanks for the recap, too, it was very useful.
Great job, I really wanna see more of this!

icheban responds:

This is my first animated series. I have watched a few tutorials and made really really quick test animations but wanted to try and put my efforts towards creating something all while learning. I'm glad you're enjoying it! And I also appreciate all the feedback :D

Really great stuff. Enjoyable in terms of visuals, plot, and little Easter eggs -- there are so many great small touches, like the cloning machine reading "REKT" when they add the virus, and how the sound effects and music coincide.

There are a few gaps in context that confused me, like why the cloning facility had so little security considering how critical it was, or why they wait until a bunch of guys die before they grab new ones -- maybe I just lack some background here.

Anyway, fantastic job.

icheban responds:

Thank you for the thoughtful feedback OneWhoListens! I'm no where near a professional at script writing (actually I'm a complete noob) so questions like this are very helpful in terms of making future episodes more clear.

The idea is that there are many facilities like the one you saw attacked. Security is present (in terms of the firewall seen on the computer as well as the alarm warning of something going on. It was also night time so I guess lighter patrols make sense there. If I had the time I would have added a more complex approach to infiltrating the station but that would have also added weeks to the animation.

Either way, I appreciate you watching and hope that I could eventually turn this into something unique in it's own right.

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