Cosmic Commandos Ep: 2

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I created a series in which two factions battle it out. Red and Blue. Clones and Androids. Hope you enjoy. This is my first real animated series. I'm still fairly new to it all. Episode one is up on youtube (has some copyright protected music) is you want to watch that first. Here's the Youtube link to that: https://youtu.be/4wzniF3paLk

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Чувак у тебя круто получается, простоя, приятная рисовка + лёгкий юмор и размеренный тайминг не даёт заскучать, продолжай работать.

Overall, pretty good. One minor thing I feel could've been executed better was the plan video. It was all great until step 4 came on with just a bunch of ????. I think that could've been a good opportunity to add in some humour there instead. Maybe there was an error in the video and some cheeky holiday snaps got in as step 4 or something instead. I know that's a cliche but it's just an example.

The only other thing I noticed is that there seems to be a lot of camera movement. Sometimes it's good and as it should be, but I feel there were times when you didn't need it. The camera is constantly moving and I know that is most likely a stylistic choice, but there were a couple of spots where I don't think it was needed. I don't think it was needed when showing the blue guy who was shot, when the human was looking at both soldiers and after putting that tank into the machine. The zoom in when it got put in was fine, but then it zoomed in again and I think that was unnecessary.

Overall, pretty good though and you seem to be on your way!

And here i thought that they changed their minds and wanted to save people like them ... -_- lol

Why was the dead blue a robot playing with a butterfly on the moon when the other were human like?
Otherwise good attention to little details like sighing before killing the clones but then lack of details as the plan was to kill them all, not take one hostage. Should be interesting to see how disobeying a Kill'm All Order, is going to work out for the red leader upon getting home.

You may try saving animation time by re using your existing library, like the run cycle at 09 could have been reused at 4:04 simply by duplicating the old graphic & changing the color.

icheban responds:

Hey Grim,

I'll try and answer as many questions without spoilers or making excuses!

The Blue faction utilizes androids as well as drivers (avatar like humans that control soldiers remotely) which can be seen in episode 1. The reason he was playing with the bug was to give the story something to distract him. Maybe he liked the noise the bug made? I just wanted to add something fun.

I totally see what you mean about saving animation time (and I'm already planning more ways to do that in future episodes) but I did actually pull the running animation from the first episode and recolored it to fit the red guy. I also duplicate actions where possible.

As far as why they captured the Driver... I hope you'll be pleasantly in the upcoming episode.

Thanks for watching and thank you for the feedback!

This animation series is amazing! I can't wait to see the next episode!

icheban responds:

Thank you! And I do hope to make more!

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Oct 11, 2018
5:49 PM EDT
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