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The nation's hottest game show has selected you as its next contestant! Can you brave 101 rooms of mazes, monsters, traps, and peril?

Fabulous cash prizes await you!

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Overall a good game, All it really needs is some music, sounds and better graphics.

This is a pretty rad game. Very simple style, easy to learn, replayable, and fun. The main issues are that it can start to feel very tedious and repetitive. After a bit it's just not worth it.

Alright, so... this sure is something alright. Let me start with the positives first.

First off, the game is complex. It has quite a few things going for it.You pick different kits and you get keys, potions, coins etc. It reminds me of Gauntlet II for the NES a lot actually.

The controls are decent. You move from block to block in a pretty smooth way, so good job on that aspect.

Lastly for the positives, it explains a lot of things in a pretty nice way. Hovering over buttons and looking at helpful text is neat.

But sadly, now I have to move to the negatives.

While the pixel art of the game is good, you combined it with non-pixelated sprites. The castle blocks, the door holes the kit selection screen etc. just make the game look incredibly inconsistent.

And then, we have the lack of music. Seriously, why is there no music in this game? Actually, here's another question, why aren't there sound effects either?

Overall, the concept is really neat. The implementation though? It is... fine, but it feels unfocused and lackluster.

game is supa fun

Some things I don't understand yet -- like what exactly finding "secrets" does, how exactly leveling up affects me, where I can trap XP points, where there's any benefit to fighting monsters (besides getting them out the way), but so far it's pretty good.

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3.01 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2018
5:14 PM EDT
Strategy - Other