Interface | Episode 10

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Henryk's past.

Interface is an animated webseries that tells a story through short fragmented episodes. It draws inspiration from animations such as Ghost in a Shell, the Animatrix, David Firth to name a few.

Shoutout to my Patreon supporters! Thank you so much for helping make these animations possible.

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This is my favorite episode of the series so far, despite being so short and simple. The music encompasses the feeling of loneliness that Henryk must be feeling, and the look on his face as he takes a photo of his daughter in her old age is just heartbreaking. Then the music ends, she isn't at the piano anymore, and he's left alone at the window in silence, with only the memories of his family in photographic form atop the piano itself.

Such a powerful way to convey a very simple concept: A lonely man. Knocked it out of the park, u m a m i.

Man look at all the brown-nosers in the comments. We've been following this crazy series and liking it throughout, and then there's this 2 minute episode, that compared to all the rest of the long and thoughtout episodes, it PHONED IN. Hey man, someone had to say it here.

I like the mood, red lighting, and creepy atmosphere.
The animations minimalistic style is interesting and matches well with everything else.

Line quality needs to be thinner.
The outlines on the characters and backgrounds looked way too thick and "grainy"

Next time,
I'd strongly recommend maybe brightening up the characters so you can make out the details on their face.

Oh man, this was Masterful. Minimalist. Magnificent. I really think that this particular one in the series (I never knew you existed, going to watch the rest later!!) could be part of some major indie project, like, proper festival stuff. Never been to one of those myself, but I really think that. Being a writer I think about composition a lot, and this was fantastic. So much said, implied, posited and proposed in a few frames. Damn. And everything was used to the full, atmosphere, dramatic lines, fuzzy brush strokes, jagged yet smooth yet soft yet soothing contrasting color. Really great man. I personally would love to see this made in live action style, with any trimmings you deemed necessary. dayumn. And I am a sucker for pixel art.
Also, I keep staring at the two tags in the middle of your tag list... Red Time... stirs my creative unconscious a bit. Would make a good title!

I little moving, but not much else.

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3.82 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2018
11:43 AM EDT