Gosh! What a Sight!

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Panic Pippy accidentally finds herself trapped in a house full of horrors! How will she escape? What unspeakable terrors will she witness? Watch as our happy-go-lucky hero tries to save the day!


Once again I crawl out of my dark, dank cave to bring you a terrifying Halloween treat!

This year I went backwards to bring you a more traditionally animated production. a Rubber Hose animation with a hint of live action and 3D! ... but saying more here would be spoiling it so check it out.

It also features a fantastic soundtrack from Zip Zipper, a truly talented musician that you should all show some love by following and downloading his latest album ;)

That's all for now! give it a watch and let me know your thoughts!
I appreciate all kinds of feedback be it positive or negative.

For more horrifying Halloween treats check out my other work.

ClockworkPixel : https://twitter.com/Clockwork_Pixel
Studio Goblin : https://twitter.com/StudioGoblin


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The mix of one, the black and white animation making a sense of suspense and the old-Timey music makes it quite terrifying. And then that end. OOF!! 10/10!

Very good quality animation, music was also great, interesting design choices though. Looks like it was really made in the 1930s!!

I liked it, I really enjoy the 1930s look resurgence lately, though it's not without some problems. These cartoons always work off of their living visual gags, and the balloon segment was probably the best of it. I liked how the tree was trying desperately to get them to fuck off, though the tree still had a sinister expression, you'd think maybe he'd look scared or worried if he didn't just want to kill them.

I noticed a bit of inconsistency between some of the hand drawn segments, like when she's flying through the walls and shattered pieces fly off. When you combine great quality visuals with worse ones its a bit jarring. The final segment hardly involved the main character and mostly went into a gore fest on the same frame. I enjoyed the violence but I felt the scene went on too long and should have involved the main character more. The unmasking bit with human features didnt come off as creepy as it could have, maybe because there was too much face visible between the 3 pieces, it just looked like a sideways video at that point. Maybe needed some extra filters or different cuts, I'm not really an expert, but I've seen David firth and Cyriak work some magic.

Overall though, I'm sure you worked super hard on this, so don't take any of this criticism in a negative way, It was a good quality cartoon, just has potential for improvements in my opinion.

That was sick! You got that style down pat, although there was the odd bit of stiffness here and there near the beginning and just one or two shots probably could have been cut a bit shorter, but those are super minor and everything else was super enjoyable!

Oh my! I'm getting real dadaism and surreal/grotesque vibes from this! This is great! Really did not expect the high levels of nightmare fuel, so consider me pleasantly surprised!

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Oct 11, 2018
11:05 AM EDT
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