Solid Snake: ULTIMATE Moveset?! - Got A Minute?

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Snake's sneaking back onto the roster for another brawl, ladies and gentlemen, and he's sporting a slick new logo alongside his selection of suits. Got a minute to hear about him?

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SchmidtTimes responds:

You may have him, pal. He's one slick pick! Haha

Don't let these lowlife attackers get to you. There was a time in the early life of newgrounds, other creators were getting shit on for posting stop motion and live action content. Now they have their own genre sections. Don't forget you already have 3 daily trophies. Those are not so easy to get.

While I definitely appreciate the time it takes to construct, write and edit a review. I cant help but feel this isn't the right venue for previews and reviews such as these.. I get they are popular and I get how some extra traffic could definitely help bolster both newgrounds and the submitter. But there's a reason newgrounds is the internet underdog.. They cater to the arduous crafting for the arts... yes this goes in the face of the numanuma dance, and Jem dance videos, that have graced the front page, but Those were the exception.. I hope, and not the rule. There are plenty of reviewers on youtube that go the extra mile by animating their reviews.. (look at mashable) and even Toy reviewers who take the time to animate their figures to show articulation ... I feel pieces like those, have a place at NG... maybe teaming up with an animator ?
This is just my opinion.

this stuff belongs on youtube or something. not newgrounds.

WELP, looks like newgrounds it's f#$%ed now. what's next?, SJW's on newgrounds?, to be honest i don't care anymore, bring the nukes north korea, F everything

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2.94 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2018
3:00 PM EDT
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