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BB10 Balad 3: Clockhunt

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BB10 clock is searching for home but suddenly he met outlaw...

This animation was made to improve 12 and 6 fps animation skills. Took one month (about 48 hours) of animating.
Also it was good exercise for BB10 in VA. He is nice one!

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cute animation walk cycle


this was a great movie, pecheneg!
your animation skills are great, and the whole animation had a nice, swift pace in it, while the FPS speed was perfect and it flowed nicely along with everything else.

the characters movements and face expressions were superb, with good pace and with great detail too, as every character in your movie was nicely drawn+coloured, and with good sequences for each scene.

apart from the nicely drawn characters, the story was quite funny as well:
it was about how BB10 rescued oatmeal clock from the barbarians, and they joined forces to visit the glorious city of newgrounds...

i like how you've drawn all the characters: from ooo-land's BEEMO to the witcher, who had a great bubblegum-chewing animation, (it was really funny!).
another nice detail was how hardcore+nicely designed were our characters when they reached the rock+heavy metal bar, where they got black+white make-up and they rocked out!
apart from that, i liked all the inside-jokes and the cool references that existed throughout the whole movie, along with the nice details in each spot of the map.

i was very proud to be a part of your great animation, pecheneg, and i was very happy to not only voice-act for this, but to also design the map as well!
i am very happy to help a friend, and i hope that we will do this again soon in the near future.

all in all, it was a nicely drawn, flawlessly animated movie, with good pace, many cool details+references/jokes, and with some solid humour. (also with some very nice music as well.)
excellent work, keep it up!

Pecheneg responds:

Thanks for review Chris!
I have to say that this is very good expirience BUT here are some mistakes from my side.
So according to the feedback now I should understood basics of storytelling. Yeah, some people just can't understood what is going on, who are those characters and what is their motivation. It will be fixed.
But from the other side I also liked the creation process. It was stupid but funny. :-D
Anyway, thanks for help! I am just learning.

Regards, Sergey!

The animations nice, but I don't get it.

Pecheneg responds:

I understood, this is third part of BB10 ball adventure where he tries to reach his homeland. This part was made to introduce new clock. Oatmeal clock. Strong. polite and outlaw. He also have raisins wich looks like holes. They needed to express emotions. Also there can be many jokes about it in future.

Amazing! The animation was well done, BB10, Oatmeal and the Tankmen guy had gud voices! Fived

Pecheneg responds:

Thanks, Mate!

Credits & Info

3.26 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2018
12:34 AM EDT