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I'm not as good as others but I'll take practice, just give me a little patience ;)

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It was nice. It was a bit choppy, but nice!

Little bit chunky bit but I can understand if you are starting out. Kinda wish there was a plot but I still can understand. Some guy is trying to cause a ruckus in the place before the big giant guy cracks his neck and he dies (I called him a big giant guy because I forgot the name). It's good overall and I hope you can do better in the future.
-Do not take this as an insult or anything, I do have reasoning sometimes so... yeah

this one was a promising new madness movie, with some good pace, nice FPS speed, good action, and with some nice battle scenes...
good job!

the only ''problem'', was that it was too short.
you should add more scenes/battles/situations in the movie, and end it like that only if it will continue in the next part... (as a cliffhanger or something).

nice movie, it was cool, nicely animated and it had an interesting protagonist in it.
keep up the good work!